WordPress Version 4.2 “Powell” Released


On 23 April 2015, WordPress Version 4.2 “Powell” was released with new and improved features. It is named Powell as the honor of the bud Powell who is an American jazz musician. It does not only contains advanced features and fixed issues but also includes changes under hoods. Having a perfect combination of front-facing features, WordPress version 4.2 is useful for both IT & non-IT persons.

In today’s tech-savvy world, WordPress is the best platform for those beginners who are thinking to own startup in the IT field. Many years ago, WordPress was especially used for blogs and contents. But, nowadays, we can say that it is not only limited for creating blogs but also for developing websites. Due to the ecosystem of plugins, themes, and templates, WordPress has become a platform for website development also.

According to a local research, “WordPress powers over 29% of all websites”. In fact, being an open source content management system, this technology powers a vast number of websites & blogs as well as e-commerce stores. In today’s dynamic world, most of the IT company use WordPress technology for developing and designing business websites, portfolio, e-commerce stores, and forums.

Many search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing love WordPress sites most and no HTML editing and FTP software required for publishing images, videos and contents, that’s the main reasons WordPress is widely liked by website developers.

A Flash On WordPress Version 4.2 Outstanding Features

WordPress Version 4.2 “Powell” has been released with new features that include emoji support, new embeds, improved customizer, improved characters support, updated plugin system and changes under the hood to see key quality. With these advanced features, WordPress version 4.2 has become more popular among users and developers too. Let’s take a view on the feature of WordPress version 4.2-

Share Content Without Any Hassle:
Version 4.2 of WordPress contains press feature which comes with the completely revamped interface. Press is a tool with this help, any content can be shared from any website to globally. Also, it is a great way to publish, clip, edit and share videos, and emojis. In your mobile home screen or browser’s bookmark add the bookmarklet from the tools screen to start the sharing and publishing.

Emoji Support:
If you want great writing experience with any languages you use, Powell is the best version of WordPress for you. It also supports the host of musical and mathematical symbols, hieroglyphs, native Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters that are the characters of new out of the box. With this amazing emoji, you can decorate your content and websites and even you can add these emoji with Url if you are looking for something creative & unique.

Switch Themes in Improved Customizers:
Firstly browse and installed the switch themes in the improved customizer. Debut the theme on your websites, after assuring that installed themes are looking good with your websites and contents.

Update Plugin System:
With WordPress version 4.2, you don’t have to tolerate boring loading screen, because it comes with simple and smooth plugin updates. Also, it offers great & convenient experience in plugin installation process.

New Embeds:
Paste links in the editor and wait for a magical appearance with Kickstarter & Tumblr.com. Your editing and publishing experience get closer together as soon as every link are released.

Consider Under the Hood to See the Key Quality

utf8mb4 Support- Powell support 4-byte characters, after transferring the utf8mb into utf8mb4.

JavaScript Accessibility- With the aid of wp.a11y.speak(), sharing the audible notification to the screen readers in javascript became easier. To get an update on ARIA- live notification area, once pass it in a string.

Shared Term Splitting- When one of the terms will be updated, terms that are shared across multiple taxonomies will be split.

Complex Query Ordering: WP_User_Query, WP_Comment_Query & WP_Query support onerous ordering with the name of meta query clauses.

In this article, we have told you about the release date of WordPress version 4.2 “Powell” and what’s new in this version. You can get great writing & publishing experience with this version 4.2 of WordPress.


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