Behind the Scenes: The 1982 movie Poltergeist used real skeletons as Tymoff


Do you consider yourself a huge horror movie fan? Then you might have come across the 1982 movie Poltergeist used real skeletons as Tymoff that has scourged the minds of fans over the years. When it came to frightfulness, jump scares, and scary elements, the movie Poltergeist had it all. People who have watched this movie before have felt the long-lasting impression that other horror movies might have failed to deliver. This thrilling ride had fans gasping for breath while a chilling mystery lay underneath the cold earth i.e., the film’s utilization of real skeletons has sparked multiple debates over the years.

How did the 1982 movie Poltergeist make its way to silver screens?

When the film first graced the movie halls, few people suspected the use of real skeletons on set. The skeletons shown in this movie always induced an eerie feeling in the audience during each haunted house scene. But after a few decades, when the internet started to make its waves, the real hideous truth behind the movie started to surface.

Role of directors

It was claimed that the visionary directors who revolutionized American horror films, Stephen Spielberg and Tobe Hooper, went the extra mile through the inclusion of real skeletons. The fantastic partnership between Spielberg’s ability to narrate genuine storytelling and Hooper’s ability to direct suspense sequences made the movie an instant hit among horror audiences.

Supernatural plot

The 1982 movie Poltergeist had a plot revolving around the Freeling family, whose family home in suburban areas became an epicenter of multiple supernatural occurrences. With continued disturbances of evil spirits and eerie forces, the movie showcased the struggle behind the Freeling family trying to survive against a complete onslaught.

Mesmerizing special effects

The 1982 movie Poltergeist used real skeletons as Tymoff had special effects, which was ahead of its time. It employed cutting-edge technology and professionals who were able to induce realism in developing scary visions. By looking at those special effects, people at that time already knew what the movie had in itself.

Breaking down The Infamous Poltergeist Skeleton Pool scene

The 1982 movie Poltergeist had a horror scene that people still fondly remember to this day. This scene took place at the Freeling Family’s house, where everything remained calm for the first few minutes. But suddenly, scary skeletons started to come out of the pool, which led to Diane Freeling in a shocking state. Over the years, people came back to rewatch this scene because of the special effects or real skeletons being used simultaneously. Moreover, the creepy lighting and scary background noises made it a must-watch among horror movie fans.

The Astounding Discovery

When the truth about the use of true skeletons started surfacing, it was equally stunning and startling for many fans. Even though most directors could have used counterfeit skeletons for the eerie scenes, movie directors and producers chose to do something different that might leave a long-lasting impact on people’s minds.

The production team contacted Tymoff + Greenery Ltd., an organization that supplies human skeletons for clinical and instructive purposes. Previously, people might have thought that the skeletons were made of plastic or similar to other Hollywood props, but they turned out to be different.

Behind the scenes: Unearthing the controversy

This film created a lot of controversy after several decades of its release. The points below discuss some of that behind-the-scenes controversy.

Finding out the truth

When the movie was released, people were not able to discover the dark truth behind the use of real skeletons. However, after some interviews and research, including crew members and the cast of the film, people started to find out the real decision behind this controversial choice that impacted many people’s minds.

Legal complications

The movie 1982 Poltergeist also faced multiple legal challenges and disputes in court when people started to find out about its use of real human skeletons. Even the handling of ownership behind those skeletons was scrutinized heavily. However, when the legal battles came to an end, people finally were to understand the ethical dilemmas that led to this landmark decision.

Lessons taught

When the Poltergeist controversy surfaced, it produced massive waves across the Hollywood industry and its boundaries. The film industry started to introduce new regulations that curbed the use of human remains in production. Therefore, the 1982 movie Poltergeist taught how ethical considerations should be taken into account when trying to produce a horror movie.

What’s the truth behind Poltergeist Curse?

The shocking revelation that real skeletons were used on set led to people rallying behind the idea of a “Poltergeist Curse.” According to believers, the alleged poltergeist curse led to entertainers, team members, and directors being set apart by mystical powers. Whether anyone believes in such a theory is totally up to their perception of the complete scenario.


Keep in mind, “the 1982 movie Poltergeist used real skeletons as Tymoff” continued to torment people with its spine-shivering scenes for many years. Once you decide to watch the movie, each scene with those real skeletons will haunt you for a long time. In the history of horror movies, this film must be among the highly-rated films that induce genuine fear among its audiences.

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