What time is the BeReal Today?


Do you know what time is the BeReal today? There is no set time for BeReal – it changes every day. But is it possible to predict the BeReal time for today?

Well, you can’t precisely predict the BeReal time for today or tomorrow or any given day. However, the notifications are sent during the “normal waking hours” in your selected time zone. So, the BeReal time for today could be anything from 7 AM to 12 PM.

The timing of BeReal notifications is unknown or random since it varies from day to day and is determined at random. Once each day, BeReal notifies users when it’s time to publish their BeReal. The only option to control when you get BeReal notifications is to choose the proper BeReal time zone.

If you don’t upload your BeReal picture every day, you won’t be able to see your friends’ BeReals until you do. The app will show BeReal postings made by your friends and other users after you publish your own.

However, you may always upload a BeReal after the deadline. Due to the fact that users’ locations vary in terms of global time zones, not all users get BeReal alerts at the same time.

However, all BeReal users get posting alerts concurrently in each individual BeReal time zone. If you want to know how to silence notifications on iPhone.

What is the BeReal App?

Look no further than BeReal! This filter-free, real-time photo-taking app is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps in Europe. Millions of users are signing up daily to enjoy a social media experience that is different from Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Every day at any point in time, BeReal sends out an exciting notification to all its users: “Time To BeReal”. This notification encourages users to take a picture of their current activities or surroundings and share it with their friends.

The basic principle of the BeReal app is to showcase your real self to the world with the BeReal platform, users are required to post pictures of whatever they are doing in a window of 2 minutes.

On BeReal, you can see what your friends have posted without actually posting yourself! Starting with the campaign “What If Social Media Was Different?” “Be Real” allows people to share their real lives without the added pressure of filters or judgment.

With this revolutionary new app, you can stay connected with your friends while also protecting your privacy.

Is BeReal Time Random?

The answer is definitely yes. The BeReal time for posting is chosen at random and cannot be predicted. This is how the application works to serve its core concept. So, we must say that real-time prediction cannot work.

When Does BeReal Send Notifications?

In this two-week period, the earliest notification was at 9:48 a.m. CDT. The latest notification was at 9:12 p.m. CDT.

Based on the CST data from my experiment, we can extrapolate the following “Time to BeReal” notification windows for each U.S. time zone (excluding the Alaskan and Hawaiian time zones):

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): Between 10 am and 11 pm
  • Central Standard Time (CST): Between 9 am and 10 pm
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST): Between 8 am and 9 pm
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): Between 7 am and 8 pm

Those posting windows don’t all fit the traditional definition of “daytime,” but we would consider all of those times to be “normal waking hours” if you live in any of the contiguous U.S. time zones.

Everyone within the same region (they’re called “Time Zones” in BeReal, but they’re not really; more on that in a moment) gets the same notification at the same time, so you can see what all of your friends are up to at 1:05 PM. That’s just an example, probably not the BeReal time today… although it could be!

The “Time to BeReal” notification goes out at a different time every day; however, there are five other BeReal notifications that you can get:

  • Mentions
  • Comments
  • Friend Requests
  • Late BeReals
  • Realmojis (aka reactions)

These are all silent push notifications that you can turn off in the app if you want to. Go to the settings menu on your profile page, click Notifications, and toggle off any notifications you don’t want to receive.

How Does Bereal Work?

BeReal works with spontaneous and sudden photographs.

Simply put, BeReal will not give you time to prepare your photographs to make your skin or surroundings picture-perfect.

The application sends a prompt message on your device, and within the next two minutes, the application will click a photo of your face as well as your surroundings with the help of the front and rear cameras, respectively.

The timing of the prompt message is also spontaneous.

By spontaneity here, it means that there is no fixed time or time gap, after which the BeReal app will show up with this prompt and click your photograph.

Since the timing of this prompt is not fixed, you may not have enough time or a chance to clear your messy office table or beautify your face at night.

Yes, you can get the prompt during the day and at night.

However, you only have two minutes to get photographed and pose if you can!

But don’t worry.

The app allows you to retake a photograph in case you do not like or approve of the first one. There is a catch, though!

Your friends will be notified of how many times you clicked the photograph before actually uploading it on the BeReal app.

Therefore, you must ensure that you do not make many attempts to click a photograph. Another important feature of BeReal is that you can send reactions to your friend’s post in the form of real-time emojis called real movies.

Using this feature, you can send emojis customized with your face and reactions such as thumbs up, smiling face, laughing emoji, and many more, just by clicking your photograph and adding it as a RealMoji.

At the bottom, you can see the reactions of other friends and connections on a specific course in the form of emojis.

Does Bereal Show Your Location?

Yes, BeReal shows your location whenever you turn on this setting on your account.
BeReal does not show your location on your photographs by default, but you can turn on the settings for your account and send your current location along with your candid photographs on your app.

You can manually add your current location to your BeReal account.

To keep your identity and location safe and secure, only show your location when you are comfortable and know the viewers.

How to Find People on BeReal?

After creating an account on BeReal, the app will ask you to provide access to your contacts.

Once the app has access to your contact list, it will display all the available users.

From the current list, you can easily add the friends you want to add to BeReal.

If none of your friends are using the BeReal app, you can deny the app access to your contact list by selecting the “Off” option.

In case you have the username or contact number of any of your friends who are using the BeReal app, you can add them directly to your contact list, and they will be available to be added as your friends on your BeReal account.

BeReal Time Today in Australia

BeReal Time Today in Australia is 12:49 PM

Every day, BeReal sends out the notification “Time To BeReal,” and then BeReal users need to click their picture and post it on BeReal before it’s marked as “late.” Today’s time to click BeReal is 12:49 PM. So be ready with your phones to click that perfect front and rear photo to impress everyone on your list.

Who is the owner of the Bereal App?

BeRealApp is owned by Alexis Barreyat. BeReal was initiated in the 2020 joint effort of two co-founders, i.e., Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau.

BeReal was founded by two French-based founders who worked as co-founders on the company’s development.

Right now, BeReal has three main executives, with the two co-founders working with the chief operating officer, or CEO, of the company, i.e., Romain Salzman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Where can I share my BeReal Photo?

Once you have taken your BeReal photo, you will be able to share it with your friends via social media or any other platform you prefer. You can also save your photos locally if you wish to keep them safe and secure.

2. How long will I have to capture my BeReal Photo?

Once you receive the notification, you have minutes to capture your BeReal photo before it expires. It’s important that you are prepared and ready when the notification arrives so that you can capture the perfect shot.

3. How often does “Long Time Today” Occur?

“BeReal Time Today” usually occurs on a daily basis at 8:35 p.m., UK time; however, this may vary depending on where you live and what platform you are using (i.e., mobile phones). It’s important to check regularly so that you don’t miss out on capturing your perfect front and back camera shots!

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