Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher’s

20 SEO Interview Questions


Do you know being a fresher you can start your career in SEO, All you have to do to learn these basic SEO interview questions and answers?

Top SEO interview questions for fresher’s posts have been created for people who want to make a bright career in the digital marketing industry. Search engine optimization is a trending process to optimize a website without paying a single penny.

Here you will find out the basic SEO interview questions and answers asked at the time of the face-to-face interviews or sometimes on the telephone. If you would like more information about SEO, especially for automotive companies, then check out this automotive search engine optimization company.

Best SEO Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is SEO?

Do you know what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a webpage or website to enhance its ranking or visibility on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

2. Tell me Something about the Search Engine?

A search engine is an important element used to find specific & relevant information on the Web.

Some major search engines are –

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

3. Define the types of SEO?

OFF-Page SEO – Off-Page SEO is a process of earning high authority quality backlinks to increase the ranking of websites/ web pages.

Major Techniques used-

  •  Social Bookmarking
  •  Blog Post
  •  Article
  •  Press Release
  •  Forum
  •  Yahoo Answer
  •  Business Listing
  •  Guest Blog
  •  Classified

On-Page SEO – OnPage, SEO is a process in which a website is optimized using the on-site update.

Major Techniques used-

  •  Content Optimization
  •  Title
  •  Meta Descriptions
  •  Alt Tags
  •  Headings

4. What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO was earlier used in order to get a high ranking on the search engine result page by doing spammy work. It was an easy method to rank previously, but now Google has cleared that people still following that process will be penalized.

Major Techniques used-

  •  Keyword Stuffing
  •  Cloaking
  •  Hidden Text
  • Doorway Pages

5. What is the Title and meta Description Length?

Title – 55-60

Meta Description – 155-160

6. What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is invented by Google’s owners Larry Page & Sergey Brin. The sites having good quality backlinks and internal links are appreciated by Google and treated accordingly, previously it was considered between 0 to 10.

7. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO stands for search engine optimization whereas SEM for Search engine marketing. SEO includes free website optimization, whereas SEM includes paid marketing.

8. What is the Google Algorithm For SEO?

Google has some algorithms for SEO – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird

Panda Algo

Google releases updates in its algorithm, and a panda is one of them. This algorithm checks whether website owners are using quality content or not. A Website using duplicate content and non-relevant content gets down on SERP.

Penguin –

Google rolled out its Penguin algorithm to check the spammy and unnatural links coming to the website. Previously, many SEO practitioners were using the black hat SEO technique in order to get ranked on Google. This update checks all the aspects of Google’s guidelines and if websites are not following the same goes down in SERP.

Hummingbird –

This search algorithm is used by Google, it is about synonyms but also about context. “Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query — the whole sentence or conversation”, Google said.

9. What are the Outbound Links?

Outbound links are those links that are going out from one website to another website. For example – if you have a website XYZ and you are giving a link to the ABC website that is called an outbound link.

10. What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text which is clickable and hyperlinks to a website/webpage.
Example – <a href=” dot com”>Anchor Text</a>

11. What is a Crawler?

A crawler also named Spider & bot is a set of a program that comes to a website in order to make a copy of the webpage and store it in its database.

The crawler of Major Search Engines –

  •  Google – GoogleBot
  •  Yahoo – Yahoo Slurp
  •  Bing – BingBot

12. What Method was used to Prevent Crawlers?

To Prevent Crawler, can use these methods –

  •  Robots.txt
  •  Meta Robot

13. What is Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity, and Keyword prominence?

  • Keyword Density- Keyword Density is defined as how many times keywords have been used in content upon the total number of words multiplied by a hundred.
    Keywords/Total Word Count * 100
  • Keyword Proximity- The closeness between the keywords is defined as Keyword proximity. There should be a distance between the two keywords. It is the best way to prevent keyword stuffing in the web page content.

Example – Let Web is a keyword and another one is Development and the search term is “Web Development”. So making a distance between this search term with close relevancy is defined as Keyword proximity. Here to use it we can make “Web Development” to “Top 10 Professional web design & development company in India”.

  • Keyword Prominence – Keyword prominence is referred to as the placement of keywords in a web page, headings, titles, Meta, and starting of content.

14. What is LSI?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, a system used by the major search engines to read the content of a web page. A Search Engine crawler comes to a website and finds out the important relevant words. LSI looks at the synonyms of the title of a web page or keyword you are targeting on your web page. It is the best way to prevent keyword stuffing in the web page content.

15. What Do You Know About Canonicalization?

Redirecting to a Single domain version is known as Canonicalization. It can be done using the canonical tag. Firstly, you have to check whether your website is opening with all the versions like with www or without www and with index.php or without index.php.
If you are able to see your website with all the versions that mean there is a lot of canonical error by which you can lose your presence over the web.

Canonical Error –

www.ABC dot com
www.ABC dot com/index.php
http://abc dot com
http://abc dot com/index.php

How to Resolve Canonical Error –

  1.  Using .htexcess
  2.  Using C-panel
  3.  Using Canonical Tag

16. Could you tell me about Cross-Linking?

Cross-linking is a good way to achieve healthy backlinks from relevant websites. For Example – you have 3 websites providing web development services and you have placed the links in the footer section of each website to get relevant links, known to be Cross-Linking.

17. Define Internal Linking

Internal linking is about linking the website content within the website. It makes sense and refers users to the relevant page, where they can get the proper information related to the hyperlink or topic.

18. What is Google Sandbox?

If a website is not ranking by its major keywords it might be in Sandbox. Google Sandbox is a filter for new websites that want to rank by their specific keyword phrase.

19. What is the Google Search console?

Google Webmaster is known as the search console now. It is a tool provided by Google where you can find out the HTML Errors, Crawl Errors, CTR, Backlinks information, search queries, and indexing status.

20. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool to track the performance of a website and its web pages. You can find out the general website activities like bounce rate, page views, traffic source, goals, location, etc.

But do you know what data are Google Analytics goals unable to track? You must give it a read.

Conclusion- Handling the SEO process is not an easy task, Should have proper knowledge about the execution. These top SEO interview questions and answers list will clear your doubts and will give you vast knowledge to face the challenges in this competitive industry.

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