Improving Safety at a Sporting Event: Eight Tips


When you attend a live sporting event, you want it to feel engaging, and social, but above all, safe. These types of occasions draw immense crowds of people in a tight space.

Part of the appeal of seeing a live match is feeling the rush of adrenaline alongside thousands of other fans. However, if the event is not carefully prepared and planned, it can also be one of the greatest disadvantages.

No matter the circumstances, you always want crowds to feel safe. Here are eight tips to help improve safety measures at your next sporting event.

Stick to Venue Capacity

Your venue of choice will always have a strict capacity number – and it’s there for a reason. Don’t try to oversell your event as this would overpopulate the venue and cause some serious problems on your big day.

Have Plenty of Ushers to Hand

Ushers are some of the most important members of staff at sporting events. They help lead people to their seats by ushering them in and out of the venue. Don’t hesitate to hire plenty of ushers as they help crowds move smoothly across the event space.

Set up an On-Site Medical Tent

If someone does happen to get injured during the event, you want to be able to provide a quick solution. You will need an on-site medical tent to help you with any cuts, scrapes, or more serious accidents.

Invest in the Latest Tech

Technology is rapidly advancing and bringing greater precision to the security industry. In the sporting sector, companies like Genetec are helping enhance the guest experience by managing parking, securing the perimeter, and offering real-time video surveillance.

Hang Up Great Signage

Be mindful that this will be the first time visiting the stadium for many of your guests. Place plenty of great signs around to help guide them safely throughout the venue. Try to find signs that are universally understood.

Keep Rival Fans Apart

Thankfully, at most sporting events, fan rivalry is no longer a massive issue. However, tensions can rise, especially at poignant matches, and sparks can fly. That’s why it’s better to keep rival fans separated during the game.

Train Your Employees

Another way you can improve your security detail is by offering employees plenty of adequate training. You can’t expect them to know how they should react if you don’t offer them the opportunity to learn.

Plan Your Emergency Exit Route

No matter how much you plan and prepare, an emergency may occur when you least expect it. That’s why you need to create an exit route and think of a plan to keep all attendees safe.

As with any large-scale event, careful planning is key to its success. That’s why we recommend you bring together a team of experts in the company whose sole purpose is to ensure safety measures are being created and followed. The last thing you want is an accident on your hands. Take on board our tips and see how things start to flow much more smoothly.

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