Online Proctoring: Helping Business Recruitment Process


Do you know about the online proctoring? Companies require experienced and educated individuals to work for them. But the selection of the right candidate is of utmost importance. For an authentic selection of candidates who will be actually useful for the company in every aspect, they conduct exams and organize online interviews through chatting portals and videos along with offline interviews. The selection process is usually of two to three layers that a person applying has to go through. Onboarding software has made this process easy.

One of the things that every company faces during the time of recruitment is that many people fail to turn up for the exams owing to distance or inability to appear for the recruitment process. So in such cases, the companies are missing out on many candidates out of whom they could have got a better candidate. So it causes a compromising situation for the company as they have to only select from those who turned up for the recruitment drive. Therefore it is better for a company to have a large number of officials who can help them to find better candidates and also aid in the recruitment process.

Online Proctor

The concept of the online proctor is very useful in the examination process and screening of the candidates. It is sometimes also known as a remote proctor. The term, as well as the concept, is very much new and it is also known by other names like that of virtual proctor, remote virtual proctor, and sometimes online remote proctor. This has been first utilized for educational purposes. The concept has been very successful because of the internet boom among the students.

The concept of the remote proctor is nothing but to create a virtual environment where everybody’s presence will be felt. This concept has revolutionized the process of exams. During the exam, a person remains in charge of the examination hall for overseeing the examinees. However remote proctor or online proctor helps us to create a virtual environment where the invigilator and the examinees both are in different places but still connected with each other virtually. They are connected with one another with the help of a highly efficient internet connection and using different gadgets and technologies like the web camera for video assistance, computation monitoring, and also VOIP for receiving voices over both ends.

In many cases, this proctoring is not a person, but an automated programming and automated monitoring technology do the same function.

Types of Proctoring

Remote proctoring or Online proctoring are of different types and each of them has different applications in different examinations and also in different conditions of need.

• Live Online Proctoring – In this situation, the proctor as well as the examinee share the screen together in real time and are connected to each other with the help of the audio-video portal. It is one of the most feasible proctoring techniques of all. However, one disadvantage is that it is the most expensive of all.

• Recorded Proctoring – In this the process is not on a real-time basis, the examination of the activity to be monitored is recorded. The representative who is in charge plays the videos very carefully. In the case of the illicit activity, the red flag appears.

• Automated Advanced Proctoring – This is the most advanced of all the types where the feeds of the candidates by the audio-video as well as the screen share are recorded on an instantaneous basis and checked for any illicit activities at that particular moment too.

In company recruitment

Online proctoring is very much required for a company that is conducting the recruitment procedure to have a very secure system so that cheating is not possible. Online proctoring will help the company conduct all the examinations of recruitment in the safest, secure as well as efficient. This concept helps the applicants to appear in the exam from remote places without being present physically so that this company benefits as they are able to reach many people at a time so that they can get a better mix of talent which is actually required for their business to increase and do well in the market. It also helps in preventing cheating and also protects the content given to particular candidates.

The app that controls proctoring is fully programmed; hence, when suspicious or illicit behavior is noticed, it immediately ends the examination process in that particular system. It has specific algorithms with which it is also very much easy to count the marks of the appeared candidates thus helping the company to get accurate marks without any manual help.

It also maintains the cost side of the company and also maintains the satisfaction of the candidates.

The use of online proctoring helps in understanding learning and behavioral patterns in a controlled environment. Companies can analyze the patterns and study of individual candidates and their activities. This can be of much help to the company in devising further recruitment programs. Also, it is useful for understanding how a particular candidate can react to pressure and stress.

Do you know with the hep of recruitment marketing firms small businesses can get benefits. With online proctoring, it becomes easy to identify a candidate because the verification process has to be fulfilled before beginning the examination process. Most involve a facial recognition system prior to logging in to the system. This enables the proctors to understand the candidate and look closely into the learning patterns.

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