Small Businesses Can Benefit the Most From Recruitment Marketing Firms – Here’s Why


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, but they are also beleaguered by a tight labor market and increasingly high employee demands. As larger companies have the resources to widely advertise their positions and can afford to conduct a high volume of interviews to find the perfect candidate, their smaller competitors often miss out on the best talent.

However, this doesn’t have to be so, as you can rely upon the superior expertise of recruitment marketing firms to find you the best matches for your open positions. Whether you have just purchased a small business and need to replace staff, or you’re scaling up operations and require a bigger crew, you can find the employees your company deserves with superior recruiting services from the experts. Let’s examine four reasons why companies like NAS Recruitment are incredibly beneficial to small businesses as they fight to compete with the Fortune 500s of the world.

Outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on essential operations

Small business means small staff size – and that means you need to give all your attention to the day-to-day management of your company. This can make it difficult to devote time to writing job listings, monitoring responses from job boards, and scheduling interviews; every minute you spend talking to candidates is a minute that you’re not growing your company.

Not only can recruitment marketing companies streamline the process, but they also take many of the tasks off your hands. You explain to them what you’re looking for and provide them with a general overview of the position and your company, and they will implement a bespoke strategy that takes your specific company culture into mind.

They can provide cost-effective solutions that match your budget and needs

Finding new employees is incredibly expensive, both in terms of time and money. The Motley Fool breaks down all the recruitment costs for small businesses; it’s incredibly daunting, and even worse when you consider that you may get suboptimal outcomes because you didn’t develop an effective game plan for getting talent.

This is why working with recruitment marketing teams can save you money in the long run: their entire business model is built on making perfect matches between companies and candidates, so they know exactly what to do. They’ll also work with you to take into consideration your budget, timeline, and number of recruits so that you can create a lean approach that won’t eat into your budget.

Skilled recruiting marketers know exactly which job boards and listing formats work best for particular demographics, so they won’t waste your money placing ads on sites that won’t garner the traffic you want. For example, if you’re a fast-casual seafood restaurant, LinkedIn is probably not going to get you anything, because it’s geared more toward white-collar professionals. If you’re a private medical practice, they can tailor their approach toward healthcare candidates, ensuring that you only get individuals who are qualified to do the job.

You’ll get access to passive candidates through their connections

Better yet, they can help you find those employees who aren’t necessarily combing through job listings, but are willing to consider new opportunities should something interesting arise. These hires are more difficult to find, and they might only be flushed out through the recruiter’s network of working professionals in your field. In addition to being more hidden, passive candidates often need a very convincing pitch in order to interview with you; thankfully, recruitment marketing teams are highly skilled in selling their clients to possible interviewees, and they will show your organization in its best light.

Their solutions can change with your needs

As your company grows and your industry shifts in new directions, your recruitment plans will likely change as well. However, it can be difficult to build a new strategy or figure out how to pivot from what you’re already doing, which can lead to a great deal of discord and confusion when you’re ready to onboard a new team member. Fortunately, your recruitment partner can help guide you through these growing pains as well, giving you advice on how to attract the new style of candidate you need to suit the new situation.

They’re also highly attuned to changes in the overall work culture and will be able to assist you in adding new platforms to your recruitment mix or writing your listings in a way that entices a younger group of candidates. Relying upon their professional opinions can save you a great deal of heartache while still ensuring that you receive the very best applicants possible.

Small businesses must think hard about what they prioritize in their budgets, but a recruitment marketing firm should be non-negotiable. It will save you both time and money in the long run, as you’ll receive a laser-focused strategy to gather excellent candidates for any position you need.

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