How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business


The present scenario is that of e-business! The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened the requirement of businesses shifting towards the internet. From sourcing, the raw materials to selling their finished products, businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, the start-ups all look forward to the Internet.

Creating a vast vendor or clientele base is now easily possible through these businesses’ internet tools. And that too, from the comfort of their offices, without spending even a penny on searching them physically. One such social media that has upsurged tremendously in recent times is Instagram. By using this internet-based platform, businesses convert their ideas into profits in just a few clicks.

Instagram works in a very uncomplicated way. People sometimes compare it with TikTok (another entertainment-based application) as well. One can download the application, create an account, and start using the tool to gain infinitely from it in terms of likes, followers, views, etc.

What Do You Mean by Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reel is new in social media. You can create reels from 15-60 seconds, and it stays in your profile for a long time. Many said that Instagram Reel is a copy format of TikTok. But with time, it has achieved many responses from users, influencers, and brands. Apart from TikTok, people are showing interest in Reels as well. Brands are showing interest in creating eye-catching reels to gain attention. If you are new to Instagram, you must read this article on how to use Reels for your business.

It is a short video format that can take up to 60 seconds. In Reels also there will be different types of editing tools that the users can use to make engaging content. Also, they can use these tools to make a fun video on reels. In Reels, you can insert different video clips, captions, stickers, interactive backgrounds, and filters to make it smart and realistic.

What Can You Do to Your Business with Reels?

When you open the Instagram profile, below you can see the Instagram reel button that you can click, and you will get all the reels through scrolling. You can directly check the other’s Reel, click on the music, open it, and below, you can see Use Audio make your Reel. Also, you will save the Audio option above to save the audio if you want to make any reel on that audio later and forget about the music.

It is a powerful feature that helps your brand or business to grow. You will find relatable music from your ethnicity, language, and worldwide trending reels. Creating a Reel with your uniqueness following the trend can make it perfect for you to understand how it is going, and you will see that your business is growing high. It is proving to be very beneficial for brands and businesses these days, increasing traffic on their Instagram profiles, and further converting into increased clients or customers.

TikTok Vs. Instagram

You can consider Reels as TikTok’s rival, but they look similar with a different approach. Both offer a creative platform for the audiences to create engaging videos. The world is showing its creativity, and talent, delivering messages, and social causes through these short videos. The Instagram reel is a feature inside the entire Instagram.

Videos can be up to 60 seconds. Reels that you share on stories go after 24 hours. While TikTok itself is a platform, videos can be up to 3 minutes, and all videos stay in TikTok.

Make Instagram Reel (Step-wise Guide)

  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Go to the right-hand side top + option
  • Click and select Reel
  • Now you can choose the audio that is trending or your favorite one
  • On the left side of the real screen, you will get speed, effect, and timer to choose from.
  • Now click on the center button and the timer will start and then be ready to record a video
  • Now click on the record button to stop recording and start to record again with another shot
  • Then align button will appear, which helps you align the clips to make smooth transition videos
  • Then you get the trim option to trim the unwanted part
  • Then add text to the video if you want and finally preview before the final upload
  • Then you can add the cover of the video to make it look neat and aesthetic.
  • Write captions and use hashtags.

If you do not want to post the video reel right away, you can save it in drafts. The aspect ratio of the Reel is 9:16. After posting the Reel, you can check the analytics like likes, shares, comments, account reached, and shares. It helps you keep track of the reels and improve your reel marketing strategy as per your analytics. You can easily grow your business following Reel Analytics as it gives the entire overview.


In scenarios or businesses where a still photograph cannot do full justice, Instagram reels come in handy. For example, a cloth merchant, an equipment seller, a make-up artist, a language teacher. There are hundreds and thousands of such businesses or virtual professions, where making the client understand through videos is a must.

Instagram allows its users (in this case, businesses) to keep reels on their profiles forever. They don’t vanish after the 24-hour limit like some other applications, like Facebook.

Now that you know all the differences and get the idea of making reels do not waste your time thinking. Take your camera, tripod, and lighting, and shoot your first Reel. You can give tips, hacks, messages, and even start a Reel challenge to attract audiences, make them a part of your business, and interact with them.

It helps you promote your business in full swing. However, the start will be a little slow but do not compare yourself with others. Give time, be consistent, and enjoy making reels that you think will be relatable to your audiences. Know what they want and create reels accordingly.

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