How to Get Google AdSense Approval


Every webmaster wants to have Google Ads on his website and a piece of revenue via Google AdSense Network. And believe me, if you fulfill the Google AdSense​ requirements, getting Google Adsense approval would be an effortless flick of the wrist. After all, the​ most important thing in an online community is to earn recognition. Having Google​ AdSense for your blog or website is what can make people turn their heads to your​ page. All you have to do is to follow the Google AdSense Monetization requirements.​ They are what will raise the quality of your blogs and put them on a higher footing compared to your competitors.

Proven Ways to Get Google AdSense Approval

What follows are some proven and researched ways for Google AdSense approval policy. ​

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1. Mind The Word Limit And Content Quality

The statistical analysis says that a blog in the range of 500-600 words is as much as one needs to catch the eye of Google AdSense. What’s more important than the length of the blog is the quality of the content.

Google AdSense or any advertising network is strictly against plagiarism. You can’t get anywhere pretending to be someone else and copy-pasting their content.

Research is often encouraged but that doesn’t mean you steal chunks of paragraphs and sentences from somewhere. Learn to curate your own content because the words you type give an identity to your webpage. Don’t make the blatant mistake of diluting it.

And remember to leave reference links at the bottom of your blog to promote healthy networking.

2. Make Your Website Attractive

I have come to believe that no quote in this world is as contrary to human nature as ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. That’s exactly what all of us don’t do and I’m not saying that we should be embarrassed about our shortcomings in falling for appearance. The first impression holds maximum weight in any endeavor in life. So try to architect your website like a Renaissance monument. This is key to how to enable Google AdSense .​

Optimize your page using Meta Titles and Description Tags. The folks at Google won’t be analyzing every word in your blog to check for Google AdSense requirements. What​ they do is they set these Crawler Bots free on your website. These bots draw an image of your website’s footprint. This is a crucial element in Google AdSense Approval​ policy. ​

Make sure that Your Meta Title is no longer than 69 characters including space and Description Tags are no lengthier than 156 characters.

3. Make Sure You Boast Of Enough Content On Your Website

‘Content is king’ in this business. Google AdSense used to approve blogs that had a history of the existence of over 6 months but now it seems like they have discontinued this stipulation.

It’s all about how many articles you need for AdSense approval. Studies suggest that
15-30 articles of 500-600 words are the minimum Google AdSense requirement.​ Brush the quality of your content and make sure to publish at least 4 to 5 articles in each of the categories you’ve mentioned on your blog. You’ll be a frontrunner for Google AdSense Approval in one month, let alone six months if you furnish your​ website to provide the most refined content to your audience.

4. Refrain Yourself From Posting Prohibited Content

If you go and look at the Google AdSense Approval policy, they have created a​ list of certain subjects they want their bloggers to avoid publishing articles on. The inclusions on the list are related to the selling of items obtained from endangered species, certain restricted substances and hallucinogens, and posting derogatory and disparaging content.

Don’t post copyrighted content on your website without approval. This has been the vociferous demand of AdSense. You need to have prior permission before you include copyrighted images on your page.

Also, try using a root domain like instead of

5. Give An Elegant And User-friendly Design To Your Website

If people develop a liking for the design of your website, they’ll revisit it. Google​ AdSense requirements for websites stress originality as well as creativity. Try to​ use innovative designs and styles for the title, surfing area, and headers. If you have a blunt and bland website, you’ll fall behind in the pecking order for Google AdSense​ Approval.​

The interface of your website should be user-friendly and embellished with tags and links to make navigation simpler for your readers. This will help in building a loyal audience which is always a plus point for any blogger or webmaster.

Footnote –

The amount of traffic your website garners is not yet an ​AdSense​ requirement but nonetheless, it helps in waxing the image of your webpage. Nurture the​ dedicated blogger in you and Google AdSense will surely praise your efforts.

If for any reason your AdSense account is disapproved, try to reapply again. You can read how you can do this here – How to Reapply when an AdSense Account is Disapproved

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How to get Google AdSense Approval without Writing Blog Post?

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