How to Reapply when an AdSense Account is Disapproved?


If your humble request for an AdSense account has been uncouthly disapproved by Google, I don’t feel sorry for you. In fact, you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself either. Just pick yourself up from your feet-deep pool of tears and follow my ‘tried and tested’ instructions.

The number of situations in which the ‘AdSense Account is Disapproved’​ outnumbers the​ ‘Granting of approvals’ by an astronomical margin. This is understandable because the monetizing algorithm of AdSense Network assimilates only the most ‘Well-designed and Promising’ websites into its advertising network.

You must read the Google AdSense guide if you have not yet read it. you will get to know how you can increase your earnings.

You dedicated hours of toil and sweat into forging an interactive framework and AdSense is playing it down by labeling it ‘not so well-designed? Well, that’s not the case.

You’re not the only developer or blogger out there, are you?

There are millions out there trying to have a piece of the cake. And with increasing aspirants comes increasing competition.

I’m not asking you to bin your website and start from Ground Zero. Definitely not. That would be ridiculous. I’m only asking you to not feel demotivated and weighed down because you, ‘The Creator’, have to crack the code, you have to untie the 21st Century ‘Gordian Knot’ and turn this AdSense Account rejection into approval.

So that next time when someone comes to you asking ‘My AdSense account​ is disapproved, what can I do?’, then you can help them too. This is how one​ contributes to building a healthy internet community.

For that, you need to fix some things to use AdSense.​

How to Tackle the Situation with a disapproved Adsense account? ​

You put your website out because you want to irrigate your passion, pass on knowledge and information, seek attention, and add money to your bank account. Of course, you want to fatten your wallet, you cynical ‘Creator’ and there’s no shame in admitting it.

The systems, institutions, and lives in any generation let alone this generation are raised upon monetary pillars. AdSense hops in just the right place to monetize and add relevance to your ‘Electronic Endeavors’’.

However, it is important to keep in mind that AdSense is not the only faucet that supplies money. You can still funnel gains and viewers through numerous other known sources. Check out ShoutMeLoud, Monomeric, and PropellerAds​ to enjoy as appealing if not better benefits.

Try to build traffic by spreading your forum or blog to other online platforms, find an intuitive niche, post great content and you’ll find yourself heading in the right direction with an engaged audience. ‘How to reapply for AdSense?’​ This​ question won’t even bother you anymore.

However, I’m not for a moment barring you from not reapplying to AdSense. ‘Google​ AdSense Application Denied’ is rather a quite common ‘Return Mail’ subject and every​ Developer is faced with it.

It’s a free world with free internet and you’re allowed to diversify your advertisement space, in fact, you definitely should. But there are some hurdles you need to learn to get over. So let’s dive deeper into some constant conundrums of the Advertising Network.

The Stark Difference Between A Disapproved And Banned Adsense Account And Why an Adsense Account Is Disapproved? ​

There’s a fair chance that Google AdSense rejected your website ​for not following its​ elaborate guidelines.

Your ‘AdSense application’ devolves into an ‘AdSense application disapproved​ ‘ in the​ unfortunate event of your proposal being rejected by Google. In this case, you can apply again under the same name.

However, an AdSense account is banned in totally different scenarios. If you don’t pertain to AdSense TOS, which believe me, the folks at Google are very touchy about or you post plagiarized content on your blog or forum then you run the risk of having your AdSense account banned. Although, it’s certainly not the end of the world. You can start again with a different domain name.

Try Holding Yourself Back From Reapplying Immediately!

The first step to ‘How to Resubmit AdSense Application’​ is to keep yourself from​ reapplying immediately. I know it’s not easy but patience is key.

When AdSense turns down your application, the reasons are often along the lines of ‘Copyright Infringement’, ‘Insufficient Content’, or ‘URL you specified is not owned by​ you. These are all nice ways of saying ‘You Developer, your website isn’t good enough’. And you should not let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. How to bypass such pesky criticism? Make yourself better. In this case, make your website better.

Fix where you went wrong. Remove posts that feature copied content and write your own. Work on the architecture of your blog, use better themes, revamp your page, and make it more attractive and interactive. ‘First Impression’​ ​ is all that counts.

How To Add Elegance And Originality To Your Page?

A ubiquity I’ve noticed, most bloggers, in the haste of putting up a website online end up creating a patchwork of fudgy templates, copy-pasted content, and loose design, and then apply for AdSense. Don’t fall for this cheap scheme. Treat your blog site like a painting. Choose the right canvas, sketch elegant geometries, navigate your way with delicate brushstrokes, and fuse the most audacious colors. Flow your soul through your blog and you’ll find it rejoicing in honesty and originality. This is what Google AdSense roots for, ORIGINALITY.

Google AdSense ‘not working’ is not why ​Google ads disapproved of your​ application. In this day and age where people launder and recycle generic ideas, Advertising Networks prefer to celebrate distinctiveness. Create your own genre and develop a blog site around your idiosyncratic singularity. This is where your gravitational pull will be the most powerful. After all, that’s what you are, A Creator, A Developer.

How To Direct More Traffic To Your Blog Site Or Forum?

Decent traffic will advocate your acceptance into any online advertising network.
Some ways you can ‘twofold and threefold’ the traffic to your blog:

1) Don’t give up. Keep rolling and resuscitate your blog from time to time. Create a ‘FOUR WEEK PLAN’ and stick to it. Create another course of action once you have implemented the current one.

2) Use foxy means to create viral content. Create engaging headlines that serve as clickbait. ‘Clickbait’ might be seen as unethical but this is one effective way. Pacify your anxious conscience by publishing honest and well-researched content below your ‘clickbait’ headlines.

3) Navigate popular trends and research pages that comply with your niche. Try recreating the collected information by giving it your own accent. There are smart ways to bypass plagiarism norms. Polarize the audience with your content by presenting hard-nosed opinions and try compacting the content within a suitable length. People have short attention spans. Keep that in mind. A 1000-2000 word blog should do.

4) Once you’ve observed the nature and interests of your audience (usually takes three or four ‘FOUR WEEK PLANS’) try generating content ideas using support platforms like ‘Ubersuggest’​ and ‘Answer The Public’. Stay loyal to your target audience and serve them what they have a craving for. Give them a reason to go nowhere else but to come to you.

Go Through All The Rules And Regulations Of Adsense.

Why is my AdSense account disapproved? Well, that’s probably because of your​ infidelity to the guidelines and stipulations of Online Advertisement.

Go to AdSense program policies and try inculcating them into your blogs and forums. I’ll state some of the obvious yet the ‘more often than naught’ overlooked guidelines of AdSense:

1) Avoid redirecting your audience to irrelevant and inappropriate web pages.

2) Try directing the user’s attention to ads using arrowheads and graphical gimmicks. 3) Format and amplify the appeal of the advertisements so that they stand apart from the rest of the content.

4) Refrain from placing AdSense codes on pages that violate Google Publisher Policies.

5) Tailor as much original content as possible.

6) Do not post derogatory or disparaging content and avoid promoting sales of goods obtained from endangered species.

Avoid The Following Common Mistakes

No man of God is without fault. While pursuing your passion as ‘A Content Creator’, keep the following in mind:

1) Building an email list should be your number one priority.

2) Add pictures and visual content to increase appeal.

3) Promote your blog or webpage on every social media platform possible.

4) Try and diversify your streams of traffic and income.

5) Build a user-friendly, quick, and efficient website. You should be committed, from Day One to adding value and worth to your reader’s lives and saving their time.

Once you’re done with the reinvention and refurbishment of your blog, go and resubmit your Adsense application.

If they turn you down, then go again. The only thing that wins, at the end of the day, is perseverance. You have a long way to go and the path to earning the badge of ‘The Creator’ or ‘The Developer’ is riddled with rejections. In case your AdSense account is​ disapproved again, then that should serve as fuel for inspiration. ​

Even the hottest blogs and websites revamp their blueprints from time to time and so should you. But if you want me to quantify a number, six rejections​ and your AdSense​ application would be accepted on the seventh go. This is what statistical analysis says.

All those who have been deemed ‘ADSENSE REJECTED’, REAPPLY, and learn to welcome criticism for it only opens up the scope for improvement.

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