How to Build a Qualified Leads List Using Lead Quizzes


The success and future of your business is dependent on how you are able to increase your customer base and market share. It won’t be wrong to say that the process of growing your business and overcoming competition starts with collecting qualified leads. The higher the number of leads you have and the more qualified they are your sales team would be in a better position to convert them into new business. You may have tried different strategies to generate leads so far but have you tried quizzes? Lead quizzes are being used increasingly by everyone from your next-door start-up to the likes of billion-dollar enterprises such as Amazon Inc. You can also try Google form alternatives.

What Are Lead Quizzes?

Lead quizzes are simple quizzes that you find on websites, social media handles, and other platforms that take you through simple multiple-choice quizzes. They are highly engaging and hence help businesses generate leads faster. These quizzes have a lead generation form built in which users need to fill up before getting the outcome of the quiz or their success score. This proves to be a more effective way of generating leads compared to a lead form at the end of your blog post or on the contact page of your website.

Getting Started With Lead Quizzes

Using an online quiz maker you would be able to create lead quizzes easily. Using a quiz service that is built for generating leads comes with readymade templates that can easily be customized and branded based on your needs. Whether you wish to embark on a trivia quiz campaign or one where you use personality quizzes you would be able to create your quiz and launch it on a platform of your choice within minutes. There are no codes to be written nor do you need to have sound knowledge of design tools. From setting outcomes of your personality quizzes to customizing the landing pages online quiz maker would take care of all your needs.

Why Use Lead Quizzes To Build Leads?

· Qualified Leads – With lead quizzes, especially personality-based quizzes you would be able to generate more qualified leads. These quizzes make your sales team aware of what the users are looking for, when are they planning to buy and what are they willing to spend on these products and services.

· Build Leads Faster – Lead quizzes being engaging allow you to generate leads faster compared to other content marketing strategies. Unlike blog posts that have lost the novelty factor due to their overwhelming use by all your competitors lead quizzes are interesting. Since they allow users to know about their personality or test their knowledge they tend to grab eyeballs faster and hence help you build your list in quick time.

· Increased Lead Generation – The success of any lead generation campaign is often measured in the number of leads. The more you have the merrier it is for your business. With lead quizzes businesses have seen up to 500% increase in the number of leads. When your sales team has more leads to work on it can increase your sales exponentially.

· They Spread Virally – If you are able to create an engaging quiz that has positive outcomes and lets your users boast about their success score you can expect to see it gain popularity virally. Users like to share these within their social networks and if your quiz grows virally it can generate tons of new leads.

Lead quizzes can help you generate qualified leads that let your sales team convert them into sales. It is fast; it is cost-effective and helps you beat the competition. Choose an online quiz maker and get started with your lead quiz campaign today.

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