11 Evergreen SEO Tools Everyone Should be Using to Boost Their Performance


Did you try the 11 Free SEO tools to boost your website performance? No? You must check these tools. Digital marketing has emerged as one of the necessary needs of any business but its right implementation is something that can make a big difference. Targeting your niche may seem to be simple but in reality, it requires a lot of effort, money, time, consistency, and more importantly patience. This is the reason that SEO is gaining more and more importance and with time things have become a lot easier. Gone are the days when SEO was done manually but today you have a wide array of tools through which the purpose can be accomplished. These tools have not only made work hassle-free but resulted in better quality work and give us the best analytics to improve the strategies.

The main motive of using SEO tools is not just to bring the website to the top pages but also to keep track of the results and modify them as per the requirement. If you are looking forward to productive outcomes then SEO tools can definitely play a big role matter whether yours is a small business or a big one, SEO tools are highly useful and effective too.

List of the Best Free SEO Tools that you can use for your Digital Marketing

1. Google Analytics –

The very first tool in my list is Google Analytics which offers complete information about the visitors coming to your website. As the entire information is based on real-time therefore it becomes easy to track the behavior of the visitor, how much time they stay on your website, from which region you are getting maximum visits, and lots more. In short, you get complete website insight which is essential while formulating your SEO plan and executing it accordingly. Thus with the help of Google Analytics, you get an idea as to how the audience should be targeted so that the sales improve.

2. RankSense –

The next SEO tool that I have in the list is the RankSense through which you can keep track of all the activities 24 x 7 and monitor them as well. If you are running an eCommerce store then this tool can do wonders for you. Using it you can get to know about how to drive traffic towards the store and transform it into sales. Page optimization is achieved in just a few minutes which is definitely something that you would look forward to. If you wish you can try the demo version of the tool to get an idea of how it works and what difference can it make to your business.

3. Moz Pro –

Though it is a paid SEO tool it offers numerous advantages that you have been longing for. From managing your SEO to tracking social profiles, creating brand awareness, etc. everything can be achieved via this single software cum tool. This is the reason that more marketers and business owners are relying on it. There is no doubt that this tool is really useful and highly effective. If you wish to leave all your competitors behind then this is a must-have tool for you. Available for just $99 per month you can easily put an end to all your troubles.

4. Google Webmaster Tool –

Then you have the Google Webmaster tool which makes sure your website is free from any error and that it ranks well on the top search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Some of its features include analyzing the health of your website, getting familiar with how the visitors come to your website, how a website can be optimized and lots more. The best part of this tool is its simplicity thus making it easy to get used to it and utilize the tool to the fullest. Tracking becomes really easy with GWT and that is why it is an essential tool.

5. Keyword Planner –

Next is the Keyword Planner which helps in finding the right set of keywords that match your business and are easy to target as well. Using the tool you can find new keywords and get suggestions for the same, get an idea about the keyword traffic, generate multiple keywords, get search volume for all your keywords, etc. It is not just a simple keyword search tool but AdWord generation too. Once you start using the tool you will surely find it easy and the best keyword tool.

6. WooRank –

If you are looking for an effective website analysis then WooRank can be an ideal tool for you. Apart from helping you with the quick analysis of your website, it offers additional information about geodata, social shareability, mobile rendering, and lots more. So with this single tool, you can accomplish all the purposes and make sure your website performs well, only then you will be able to receive more traffic towards it.

7. Moz Local Listing Score –

If you plan to market your business in any specific location then moz local listing can prove to be an asset for you. The Moz data is derived from 15 different sources which means that you can rely on this tool and modify your SEO plan for the desired outcomes.

8. Open Site Explorer –

This is definitely one of the best tools for link analysis and gives you information about the different links pointing to your website and the outgoing links as well. If there are any broken links it will show them too so that the same can be corrected as such links can affect the rank of your website. In all, you can say that it is a superb tool for links and provides the complete information that you want.

9. Google Trends –

Google Trends is also one of the finest SEO tools through which you get to know about the changes in the search volume for various keywords. In this way, you can pick the keywords that you think will be simple to target and can prove helpful as well. The information is available in the form of a graph which helps you to understand the trends well and utilize the information to get the best results.

10. XML Sitemaps –

Creating a sitemap is very important for any business and using an XML sitemap tool you can easily get one. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website and provide other details. As soon as the information is entered the sitemap for your website will be created and you can upload the same without any problem. In order to create a good sitemap, it will be better if the information in the optional parameters is also provided.

11. SEO Site check-up –

Website audit on a regular basis is important and with SEO site check-up you can get this done easily. When the audit is done you get the score along with detailed information like the number of important fixes done, semi-important fixes, and the passed checks. If the score is low you can improve the same via this tool thereby making sure that your website really does well. Using this tool on a regular basis can provide you with a lot of information and keep the site updated as well.

12. Linkio –

Linkio is a tool used by professionals for SEO monitoring and backlink research. You can check out the anchor text created for your website and how to use them frequently. The tool comes with awesome features and provides amazing results.

These are the 11 SEO tools that are a must for every business as they will not only lessen your burden but also provide complete information to make your website more effective, fruitful, and result-oriented. Mere getting the traffic is not worth it until all the other aspects of SEO are also dealt with keenly. Thus with these SEO tools, you can infer the right information which can help in the overall improvement of your website and the marketing plan.

There is no denial to the fact that tools have evolved as one of the best ways to manage your SEO and that too in a more refined manner. This is the reason that more and more marketers are now relying on them for the desired results. Most of these tools are free so you need not invest in anything but avail them to accomplish your business needs. So there is nothing to worry about regarding the budget and innumerable benefits from these tools.

So why waste time doing things manually when you have the finest SEO tools for the same. It will provide precise information and at the same time, you will be able to get better outcomes and stand ahead in the competition. Switch over to the simple SEO tools that will help in the excellent management of the website and the correct way of marketing as well.

Hope these tools really prove beneficial to you and give your business a kick start. Not all the tools will be worth integrating but you can opt for the ones that are required and will fulfill the purpose. In this way, you will be able to strengthen your marketing plan and look forward to top-class results and a boost in sales and ROI.

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