Why Should You Focus On Page Load Speed in 2018?


Do you know how page load speed can affect your viewers? If it takes more than two seconds to load, none would take interest in your website. With the new year, you need to bring new changes in your life to sophisticate yourselves. If you remain stuck to old and outdated things, your progress is sure to come to a grinding halt. Contemplating the old phrase ‘let bygones be bygones’ will be very useful and emulative for you. As an eCommerce owner, you need to be of box thinker.

In order to run your business efficiently in the New Year—2018—you will have to adopt new actionable SEO strategies, technologies, and tools that can bring huge traffic to your business and make you stand out among your competitors. Do you know how the page load speed of your e-commerce website can affect your viewers? If it takes more than two seconds to load, one would take interest to go through your website. They will turn off their faces and your business will be adversely affected. It is time for you to forget your old mistakes and rectify your modus operandi for your e-commerce.

Prior to knowing about how you can focus on page load speed in the New Year, it is important for you to get in-depth knowledge about page load speed. It is a method to know how much time your e-commerce website takes to upload so that the content mentioned in it becomes visible to your viewers.

Bear in mind that the faster your page loads, the better it is for your targeted clients. The visitors to your site want to get information about your products and services in a snap. Nowadays, smartphones have become required for all sorts of people. This has forced mobile devices to surpass desktops. They use these phones for various purposes— calling, sending and receiving emails, reference to eCommerce websites, etc. If you get a mobile version of your site’s content, you will be able to generate huge traffic for your business. On the contrary, a slow page load makes your visitors take interest in your eCommerce website which fails to fetch revenue for your business.

After becoming familiar with the adverse consequences of slow page load, you must be excited to know how to increase the speed of page loading. There are many online free tools that you can use to increase the speed of your page. Page Speed Insights is a tool of Google that you can use to get maximum advantages. Some of the points that you need to consider for your website include the following:

Optimization of code: It reduces the size of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Caching: CMS (content management systems) provide cache plugins that you can use for optimization of load speed. Apart from this, you can also make use of browser caching with the YSlow tool.

File compression: It minimizes the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

Optimization of images: It ensures that the images are of the right format, size, and compressed for the web.

With the online free tools, there are many things that you can do on your own to increase your page load speed. Nevertheless, in case the page speed of your eCommerce website does not increase and you think that you cannot fix the problem yourself, get help from web design experts who will check your e-commerce websites and suggest your fixes.

If the page load speed of your eCommerce website is slow, your customers will bid adieu to your products and services and your business will cease to thrive. So, make up your mind at once to use appropriate tools that can let your site come to the forefront in no time.

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