5 Mistakes to Avoid During Drupal to WordPress Migration


Do you know how to do Drupal to WordPress migration? An owner may decide to switch the platforms of a virtual interface for various reasons but the process needs careful planning and diligence so that it is completed successfully. Many people want to convert Drupal sites to WordPress as the open-source CMS has numerous convenient options that make the task of managing a website very easy. Whether conducting the procedure of Drupal to WordPress migration manually or using a plugin, it is essential that some precautions are taken by the person undertaking the conversion.

Common Mistakes During Drupal to WordPress Migration

A list of some common mistakes that are usually committed by people looking to migrate Drupal to WordPress, is being presented for the benefit of all people looking to conduct such a procedure.

1. Starting The Process Without Proper Planning

One of the most common errors that people commit is moving ahead with the conversion process without doing any planning for it. The owner must identify the most compelling reasons that have encouraged him/her to think about moving the interface to WordPress. It is essential to know what objectives will be achieved by the procedure and if not much is expected to be gained by the transfer, then the project must not be undertaken. Moreover, not only the front end of the website but also the back end will undergo a lot of changes, which makes it necessary to learn about all the basic features of WordPress before starting the conversion process.

2. Moving Ahead Without Scanning The Content

A lot of users do not think it worthwhile to clean up the Drupal website before importing as they do not know that doing so will help reduce the time of the process. There is no need to transfer content that was going to be discarded after the migration and therefore it makes sense that it is removed before starting the procedure. Going through each and every page meticulously and identifying all the content that needs to be removed or updated is an essential pre-migration that must be undertaken by all owners.

3. Not Informing Regular Vistors About The Migration

Another common but costly mistake committed by most users is starting the Drupal to WordPress conversion and not informing the regular visitors of the website about it. The success of an interface lies in the visitors and regular users who visit the website in search of content that they find useful or entertaining. Failing to inform the subscribers and other frequent guests about the procedure is unprofessional and will only result in harming the reputation of the website as well as the organization or individual who owns it. Putting up an easily readable message days before the website goes under maintenance will be helpful as will be a short post detailing the duration for which the interface will be unavailable and apologizing for the inconvenience.

4. Failing To Create A Backup Of The Existing Interface

The first task that must be done before the transfer is to create a backup of the existing interface as failing to do so will result in a lot of problems, in case anything goes wrong. A person is moving the website to a new platform like WordPress to take advantage of its beneficial features but he/ she will like to retain the old content that possesses significant value. Not creating a backup will result in the loss of valuable content which will definitely affect the performance of the interface.

5. Ignoring SEO Of The New Website

A common misconception is that as the domain names remain the same, the rankings in the search engine results pages will also remain intact. Each platform has its own method for structuring URLs and therefore not addressing the issue will lead to problems. A new sitemap must be generated as soon as the new interface is operational and submitted with search engines like Google besides scanning all URLs for 404 errors and fixing them. You should also work on an on-page SEO checklist.


The process of converting a website from Drupal to WordPress requires a certain amount of technical skill and knowledge but a professional who makes an elaborate plan before starting the process will complete the process successfully.

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