Effective Apps That College Students must have


Do you know about the must have apps for college students? Apple has made students’ lives very easy as they have launched various apps that students can help students carry out their studies effectively. Since the App Store launch 12 years ago, many students have owned smartphones that have apps, unlike in the past when the phones lacked apps that are useful for the daily tasks of the students. There are millions of apps from which the students can choose, whereby Android can support 2.6 million apps while iOS has 2.2 million apps that are compatible with their devices.

Along with these apps you can download 3 more useful apps.

Best Apps for College Students

Students will enjoy their studies with the best apps, like Write My Essay Today and they will enjoy it as they manage their time effectively. In this article we have added best apps for college students.

My Study Life

The app is available on Windows 8, the web, and Android and iOS devices. The free app allows students to fully and effectively get away from paper planners. Students can easily organize their work, lessons, and exams.

AnkiMobile Flashcards

The app is composed of a model of flashcards that has many benefits to the students, which include;

One of the functions is keeping a memory of the faces and names of new people, the students, and the faculty members that are within an institution.

Studying for law, CPA, and medical exams

Memorizing a lengthy poem for reciting


Students have the challenging task of reference citation. EasyBib helps students to get and express the sources of their work in the proposals that they write. The app contains different styles of citation, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. The app also helps to check on grammar and plagiarism before a student submits their work so that he is not accused of cheating on homework.


The free app has some freedom for students to carry out various tasks. The following are some of the tasks that students can perform; brainstorming project ideas, organizing all the work into a notebook format, taking screen captures and photos of sketches, and searching for handwritten content. This is one of the best apps for college students.

Google Drive

The website is the most popular to many students, whereby they can store their projects in the Google Cloud. The space available in the Google Cloud is ample and can handle various projects, and students can easily access their work. Students can also share and collaborate on documents.


Students can access analysis, themes, and summaries of various literary works that other writers have done. The students can, therefore, get to understand how literature work is done.

RealCalc Calculator for Scientists

The students who pursue careers in sciences and mathematics have many tasks to attend to and may find the work overwhelming, and they require a calculator to do their work. The free app helps students save on buying a standard calculator and instead download the app at no cost. Students get a chance to do the calculations the same way as they are supposed to do using the standard calculator, and they also have an opportunity to record their work for future reference.


The app helps students manage their passwords by storing the password so that the student can access and navigate easily using a secure mobile wallet.


The apps are effective for students to manage their work efficiently.

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