3 Useful Apps You Need to Download Now


Are you looking for the top useful apps you need to download today? If we combine the number of mobile apps there are in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store; then we might as well be counting up to over a million. With that enormous roster, it isn’t out of the ordinary to wonder which apps you need to download and fill out your home screen. From social media to video editors to games, it’s hard to pick.

We’ll stick with the term useful and not must-have because we’re giving you apps to consider downloading, and it definitely isn’t something you should have. These are apps that would be helpful to have when the moment arises for you to use them. Like the saying ‘better to have it when you don’t need it than when you need it, and you don’t have it,’ right?

Top 3 Useful Apps you need to Download today

InShot App

We’ll start with one of the easiest to use and most convenient to have. The Inshot app is a video editor/creator that lets you add filters to, crop, speed up, and trim your videos – with a touch of simplicity that allows its users to stay comfortable using their app. InShot was designed to add some final touches to your finished content to improve the way your video looks.

InShot’s features include a cutter, merger, splitter, and trimmer. Essentially split up your videos into separate little clips to merge them later in a better, more appealing sequence. You can also add effects to make things more dramatic and change the brightness, hue, and saturation to add a little ambiance to set the mood for your video. Well, if you want to know its full capabilities, you can check out more about the Inshot app.


Sticking to the topic of editors, we’ll start talking about Snapseed. This photo editor lets you tweak about anything in your photos. You gain full access to the images you want to edit because of the wide variety of tools Snapseed has. From adjusting the colors and saturation to removing or adding an object. You’ll need to take your time exploring every feature here.

What’s great about Snapseed is that you can become an artisan with your photo and tweak everything there is to tweak, or you can simply apply a filter or two and be on your way. A large number of tools doesn’t mean you need to take advantage of every single one. You need straightforward tools that can help you get satisfied with how your images look.


No other app can powerfully and precisely digitalize your documents as the CamScanner can. After taking a quick photo of the document you want to store, CamScanner can immediately crop and then enhance it to become aligned and easy to read. There’s no substitute for what the CamScanner can do – not from what we’ve experienced.

CamScanner can improve the quality of your pictured document – despite the quality of your camera. So you don’t need to worry about having an older model for a smartphone. It also allows you to combine several documents, add your notes to them, and then give you the whole document as either a PDF or a JPEG file.


Of course, there is a whole lot of variety on the app stores that can do the same things as the apps we listed and even have the same functionality. However, these are our favorite picks as they are great and reliable despite being free. This then leaves the choice up to you if you decide to pay to get full access to what the apps have to offer.

Although our list is pretty short, we can guarantee you that having these apps can make an impact on the way you edit your photos and videos and the way you can digitally store your paper documents. They can help you create aesthetically pleasing trailers and posters or even save you time with their simplicity.

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