Are App Store Optimization Tools Trustworthy?


Do you know whether app store optimization tools are trustworthy or not? If you are an app developer, then you already know all about App Store Optimization. Whether you already developed a number of apps or you’re so eager to give it a try, this article is for you. The number of downloads is dependent on a simple app store search, this requires that you make sure your app pops up among the first options given to users, and this is the perfect way to drive traffic. You can apply various methods for ranking using app store search optimization tools.

A solid keyword search is an essential part of App Store Optimization, some app developers even say that it is the only important part, whether you agree or not, it is what makes people download your app. Many app developers believe that they can do it completely on their own if given the right tools, which in this case are a strong internet connection and the right tools. We are well aware of the developers’ abilities; however, finding the right tools is often a dilemma.

A wide range of platforms provides developers with app store optimization free tools as a way to perform keyword research on their own. The big question is, are the results of these apps reliable? Mobiwoz has the answer. We compared a few of the most promising App Store Optimization tools, like Sensor Tower and MobileDevHQ. In order to draw a perfect comparison, we had to bear in mind the traffic rate, difficulty level, and the number of competing apps. The results we got were quite surprising. Each and every tool produced almost completely different results. This definitely raised another question, should developers depend solely on free online App Store Optimization tools? When we tested different search keywords for the competition score, this score showed developers how many other apps are out there and are up for the competition for the exact same keyword. You can use the app store optimization keyword tool as well. The different results between various platforms were amazing; in a few cases, it went a little over 800 percent (wow!) The outcome of the results was tremendously different if compared to the number of apps that popped up in Apple’s results.

Only three terms out of fifty would have been used by most platforms as the leading terms, which sheds light on the huge gap that exists between one tool to the next; which is highly likely to make developers head for the completely wrong keywords.

If you want to produce good App Store Optimization results, you will have to wait for about eight months. This has got to be the result of an unorganized and hectic process that is done by non-professionals who use professional tools. It is quite obvious that some serious work is needed for app developers to arrive at the right conclusions, and for this reason, we advise you as an app developer to use various App Store Optimization tools in order to produce a well-established foundation. The clear unsteadiness that is present throughout the research connotes that those app developers who are still struggling to find the right keywords to include in their apps are in big trouble. Those new app developers who have an app all settled and have spent money and effort on it are not only unable to reach a solid keyword depending only on one tool, but the necessary combining of a number of App Store Optimization tools is vastly confusing and is not always accurate. You can also check the checklist for app developer hiring.

App Store Optimization tools are important because they are the way to make your app more visible in the app store, which means a higher traffic rate. Making it more visible than other competing apps means that it will get more downloads; this will make it popular and thus more visible, so it’s kind of a closed circle.