App Store Optimization: How to Manage It Properly?


Digital marketing services applied to mobile apps are similar to those used for improving website performance. Some business owners hire an App Store Optimization Agency, while others consider their knowledge enough to research and improve app performance rates. There is a golden mean between the services the company purchases and the actions it can take to maintain positive results in business.

Professional Doesn’t Mean Common Knowledge

Specific tasks always have pitfalls that the worker can’t avoid. It distinguishes professionals from amateurs: the knowledge and skill to do work quickly within reasonable time frames using specific tools.

Imagine a company that has a mobile app for its marketplace and wants to improve app performance through ASO. It follows the steps below to do so:

1. The primary analysis: explore the app, its KPI, and the purposes it is made for. This information is the foundation for an improvement strategy.

2. Working with keywords: find the keywords that match the functionality of a marketplace. They must comply with the locale if it has physical issuing places.

3. Metadata optimization: Change the titles and descriptions, so they contain the keywords you determined earlier. The complexity lies in matching both search queries and store requirements.

4. The following KPI analysis: record what parameters have changed and how users reacted.

5. Summarize: analyze the steps, the project dynamics, errors, and how to fix them, and draw conclusions.

The list of steps is clear and seems simple. However, you may have some questions that require solid theoretical skills to find an answer to. For instance, how to find the correct keywords or what software to use to control KPI.

Thus, the details may confuse you even if you understand the general idea of some services you need. It makes you either spend time on theoretical research or buy this service.

Gain and Maintain – Options for Different Business Sizes

After you have used the services required for your business, you need to know how to keep the results. It means knowing how to conduct data analysis and react to positive or negative changes. You can do it in three ways:

Learn the Aspects of Digital Marketing

Learn to monitor, collect, and analyze information by yourself, as well as make relevant decisions. This option provides independence but is unreliable if you have poor knowledge and experience in digital marketing. It is a good choice for startup app owners or small businesses.

Hire Specialists

This is another aspect that is better if you can spend some time searching for a professional. Medium- to large-sized businesses are more likely to afford this kind of cooperation. It usually requires having a team of marketers, which is as effective as it is expensive.

Cooperate With a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies offer a range of services that differ in price and complexity. The main advantage is you benefit from expert help and use it only when you think it’s necessary. Most app owners can afford it due to such flexibility. On top of that, additional services, like mobile app advertising and analytics, can bring more benefits to your app and business development.


Finally, it is better to combine approaches. Developing your knowledge makes you well-informed about what your success depends on, and using paid services drives results. However, buying paid services does not always mean they are high quality. Search for tips on how to identify a reliable agency and communicate with

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