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Do you know about AnyTrans? Do you know how to transfer files from iPhone? Tim Cook began the new generation of iPhones at the Apple Event alluding to the importance, today more than ever, of devices that keep us connected. Over the past 13 years, the iPhone has evolved to adopt some key features that – in some models – have defined not only the generation but the next generation as well. With the new iPhone 12, Apple finally adds 5G connectivity to all models in its new range. If you want to see the features of iPhone 7, then you can read this article.

The arrival of an improvement in the telephone networks always brings something more than a simple improvement in speed: it also translates into a new generation of apps thanks to new possibilities, such as the arrival, for example, of applications with high graphic content such as Instagram with the arrival of 3G or video story applications like Snapchat with the appearance of 4G. The possibilities of 5G land with online streaming gaming, viewing multi-angle sports or cultural events in high definition …

If you intend to buy an iPhone 12 then this article will be of use to you!

Of course, the iPhone is confusing to use at first, especially in the aspect of the connection between other devices, be they PC, Mac, Android, or any other terminal. Be that as it may, it has always been a problem to carry out any similar task. Luckily with the AnyTrans app, this is over.

Transfer data between iOS devices

This can be done with the AirDrop function, but if the BlueTooth does not work for us, if we want to do something deeper or simply change our mobile and need to pass our data, with AnyTrans we can connect two devices to the computer and take care of this.

To make a transfer between devices we must open AnyTrans with both phones connected and click on the icon «Combine Contents». This will transfer files that are not the same between the two terminals and will not erase a single bit of data.

We can also clone two devices, making the target device exactly identical to the source phone. Something very useful to pass our old phone to a new one or for any other task that comes to mind.

Of course, we can do all this manually by going to: “Device Manager” and clicking on the two quotes. Then we choose the category and items. We simply end up by clicking on “Send to Device” and we can send only the files that interest us.

In other words, you can transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 12 easily.

Transfer files from Android to iOS

Just like we can do from iOS to iOS, we can do it from Android to iOS, a feature that, of course, iTunes does not have available. In addition, it is one of the functions that AnyTrans lets you use for free, so if you need to transfer a file from Android to iOS urgently, AnyTrans is your application.

To carry out this operation, we connect the Android and iOS phones on the same computer and enter “Transfer to iOS”, right after this we can transfer files from Android to iOS, iTunes, and iCloud. You can also enter the file management interface and selectively transfer the data.

With the same principle, AnyTrans can also move any data stored (photos, music, messages, etc.) in iTunes Library, computer, iCloud, and even iTunes backups to your new iPhone 12.

AnyTrans Device Manager

AnyTrans is not just a bridge to be able to send files from one place to another. This application claims to be the best replacement for iTunes, and it is certainly on the right track. AnyTrans is capable of managing all your devices as the same Apple application would, thanks to the AnyTrans Device Manager function.

AnyTrans Backup Manager

We can make backup copies in the same application in the same way as iTunes or iCloud would. Except for one primary difference: AnyTrans will allow us to view and modify said backup, even selectively enter certain files within it. With the AnyTrans Backup Manager function, you can also automatically back up data and wirelessly back up iPhone data.

Essential utility tools

With this software, you can freely customize your new iPhone 12, including ringtones, video downloading, app downloading, iPhone screen mirroring, and so on. These utility tools are related to AnyTrans Ringtone Maker, App Downloader, Media Downloader, and Screen Mirroring functions.

#BackupwithAnyTrans campaign

This is a kind of contest to share experiences using iPhone for the first time through various social media with the hashtag #BackupwithAnyTrans. The prize is a new iPhone 12! Further information can be found on the campaign page.

As a final apotheosis, with AnyTrans we can also download videos from any page and in the highest quality, these websites include YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo … This function is completely free for users who do not buy an AnyTrans license, and by itself is already quite useful.

Get AnyTrans

If all this has sounded good to you, surely you are interested in getting AnyTrans. This program is available to download completely free of charge but will have most functions blocked. Either way, AnyTrans will perfectly fulfill its function of replacing iTunes and will allow you to have even more control over your new iPhone 12! Download AnyTrans today.


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