Advanced SystemCare 15: Your All-Around Windows PC Optimization Software


Whether you are using an expensive Windows machine or a computer with a basic system configuration, it will slow down after years or months of use. Fortunately, you can do optimizations to get it back to normal status. If you are a tech beginner with very few technical skills or you have no time to manually maintain the PC, then you can use third-party optimization software like IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 to manage everything from an easy-to-use interface.

What is Advanced SystemCare 15?

Advanced SystemCare 15 is free and reliable pc optimizer software for windows that can help clean, speed up, and protect your PC to improve overall performance. Its powerful AI mode combined with a simple one-click method allows you to easily delete unnecessary files, invalid shortcuts, and leftover PCs to optimize its best performance. It can also delete spyware, scan for privacy traces, increase internet speed, and update outdated programs and drivers. This is an all-in-one Windows PC optimization tool that can improve your overall experience. Also, you must know you can activate windows 10 with CMD. If you don’t know, you must read this article.

Why do you need it?

A slow computer is always a headache. If there are security issues and equipment errors, you will have a miserable experience when you work on a computer. Whether you use your computer to do personal affairs or do important official tasks, you don’t want your computer to get stuck in the middle of anything, or make you vulnerable to privacy violations. With Advanced SystemCare 15, you can easily avoid all these problems.

Main features of Advanced SystemCare 15

The main features of Advanced SystemCare to optimize your PC include the following.

  • Easy clean-up: It scans the junk files of the often-used software, Windows temporary files, and Windows logs, removes all major browser history, cache, and cookies, and cleans up the invalid registries, which is hard to do manually for tech beginners.
  • Boost a faster PC: It has a Turbo Boost feature to one-click shut down the background applications to release RAM and CPU usage. The Startup Manage feature can help you manage the startup services, applications, and scheduled tasks and disable unnecessary startup items for a faster boot time.
  • Prevent online threats: It protects your digital fingerprint from illegal use in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and IE, and prevents untrusted applications from accessing your private data. It also protects surfing by blocking malicious websites, scanning for downloads, and removing annoying browser ads.
  • Updating desktop software: It automatically scans for updates for your important desktop applications and shows the new version number. You will go to the publisher’s website to manually update the application in the free edition and it auto-downloads the installs the applications in the professional edition.

How to use ASC 15 to scan your PC problems?

Advanced SystemCare 15 provides many PC optimization options and all options can be accessed from a simple interface. Once download and install the program, you can use the software by the following steps.

Step 1: Click on tabs on the left side of the menu to select what you want to do to the computer. It has Care, Speed up, Protect, and Software Updater tabs.

Step 2: Do a quick and full scan of your computer by clicking Scan in the Care tab. If you select the AI scan, the software will automatically scan your computer items and if it’s the manual mode, you will choose the items by yourself to do custom scans. The items include cleaning junk files, removing private traces, cleaning the registry, defragging hard disk, fixing system vulnerabilities, and so on.

Step 3: When the scan is done, it will show you the problem details, and click the Fix button to fix all the programs, you can select shut down or restart the computer after the fix.


Advanced SystemCare 15 is an advanced and free pc optimizer software tool to make Windows PCs cleaner, safer, and faster. It runs all-around optimizations and makes technical things simple for you.

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