How to Activate Windows 10 Free with CMD?


Like most people, if you also do not know how to Activate Windows 10 For Free then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the simple and easiest way to activate your Windows 10 for free.

This article would be a boon for beginners or those who know a little bit about computers it can be also helpful for old computer users as it will provide them with some tips and tricks that they may not know. Here is the computer’s complete guide, to tell you how to install Windows 10 by yourself.

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How to Activate Windows 10 For Free

As we all know, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is the final version. Therefore, in the future, there will be no more Windows updates to come. This is because Windows 7 is going to end, which means it will never get updated anymore, so it is highly recommended to upgrade to the new Windows 10 version as early as possible.

There are various ways to upgrade to Windows 10 that include, including downloading the Windows 10 ISO image and then burning it on the USB or DVD, and finally installing it as you did earlier. After you install or update Windows 10 it requires activation, that is you have to activate Windows 10 after 30 days of a free trial.

You are required to activate Windows 10 after 30 days of free trial as after 30 days when the trial expires you will need to purchase the license key to activate it.

If you do not activate Windows 10 you will be restricted from using various features such as changing themes and installing applications and you won’t get updates which might harm your PC as well.

Besides if you don’t activate Windows 10 a watermark will appear all the time at the lower right screen saying “activate Windows”. Therefore it will be annoying to have the watermark on the screen.

How to Activate Windows 10 with Pro-Product Key

The Windows 10 operating system is embedded with various editions that include Home, Basic, Pro, Enterprise, and more. For instance, you will get the feature of bit locker in the Pro edition of Windows 10 but it is not present in the Home edition.

Likewise, many features are available in the Pro edition but not in the Home edition. The product key for each separate edition is different. You will get an invalid key error when you use the license of a Home edition on the Pro edition. So it is essential to always use a key that is compatible with the Windows edition.

Windows 10 Activator

Although many activators are available on the internet, the issue is that some of them contain viruses. This will not work properly on your computer and might even damage your Windows. To overcome this problem below is the activator with a full description that will work great all the time and with no fault.

Windows 10 Activator- KMSPico

The activator is completely scanned by virus Total and there are no traces of malware or Trojan in this. Nowadays among people, this is the most famous and only tool that is available on the internet. This tool is compatible with all Windows editions and it can as well activate both architectures. This tool does not contain any virus and you will not face any problems while using it. It is very lightweight and does not take up much space on your computer. It also works offline and for the activation of this tool, you do not need an internet connection.

How to Activate Windows 10 Free With CMD Permanently

It is possible to activate Windows 10 with CMD for free. For this process, you do not require the Windows 10 activation tool. Here is the complete guideline and detailed explanation of each step to activate Windows 10 for free.

Step 1:

Press the Windows + R key present on your keyboard that will open the Windows Run box. Type CMD and press the Control + Shift + Enter to open and run the Windows Commands Prompt as administrator.

Step 2:

When you have entered into the Windows 10 Command Prompt you can copy and paste this command line: slmgr.VBS/UPK in the Command Prompt Window. Press the Enter key to execute the command.

Step 3:

Next copy and paste the command line and hit the Enter key to successfully install the Windows 10

Product Key: slmgr/ipk

Step 4:

Then you should type slmgr/skms Zh. us to the command line and press the Enter key.

Step 5:

Lastly, copy and paste slmgr/ato and hit the Enter key that will activate Windows 10 for free with CMD.

If you want to check whether your Windows 10 is activated on your computer or not you can press the Windows + R keys present on the keyboard to open the Run box then type slmgr. Vbs-xpr in the Run box and finally hit the Enter key.

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Final Note –

By following all the above steps you can easily Activate Windows 10 For Free with CMD. If still, you still have queries, you can reach out to us through the comment box.

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