5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress


Do you know why you should switch your business to WordPress? In this article, we will tell you the top 5 reasons. WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform but has now transformed into a vast and one of the popular platforms for websites and blogs. It is estimated that over 100 top listed blogs on the web today, half of them are built on WordPress. And, nearly 20% of new websites are made using WordPress. There are many benefits of using a WordPress website. The reason for the popularity of this platform can be the functions and options packed under various themes offered by WP.

It is an open-source CMS (content management system) that is boosted by two compelling programming and database languages i.e. PHP and MySQL. Most of the websites, whether personal or professional, are being made using these languages as they are easy to use and learn. WordPress is a platform that is being loved by most of the businesses.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Business to WordPress:

Tons of Options & Customizations

The availability of tons of customizations and options gives another reason to switch your business to WordPress. You can show your creativity and build your dream website by using hundreds of themes and plugins that WP offers. If you wish to make your own website with your style, use WordPress as it comes with endless features. Customize your website further with different shortcodes and widgets to meet your design requirements.

Free of Cost

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting your own business or launching a professional website, WordPress is not going to cost you even a penny. This means, WP is totally free and you need not pay to build your dream website. Also, there are no hidden charges which means in the future if your website becomes popular, you will not have to loosen your pocket.


WordPress is a vast platform designed for people to build their websites their own way and that can happen with the help of various themes and functions that WP offers. It can adapt to different settings, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of WordPress. Spend some time finding the best suitable theme for your website as there are some specific ones that promise you success.

Great Support System

Whenever you have questions about a thing or website, you Google it! Sometimes you get the answer, sometimes you don’t. Well, that’s not the case regarding WordPress as it built and maintained one of the most helpful and responsive forums on the Internet. You can get the answer to every single question you can ever imagine about WordPress on forums.

Mobile Friendly

In this advanced and digital era, if you want to accommodate mobile and tablets, your website should work fluently and flawlessly on all kinds of mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, the makers of WordPress made this platform mobile-friendly, thanks to the responsive nature of themes. Your business website should be mobile-friendly in order to get more business.

Do not look further for a reliable and trustworthy platform to build your website as WordPress is one of the best ones in the industry. Get complete control over your website and take advantage of tons of features without spending dollars.