5 Best Plugins for Creating Data Charts in WordPress


Do you know how to create data charts in WordPress? We have made this post to help you use plugins.

A Chart is an excellent way to help visitors see comprehensive amounts of data quickly and effortlessly. They are ideally made for presentations and PowerPoint. You can display a large amount of data on your site with this powerful data visualization tool.

It allows visitors/readers to understand data quickly and effortlessly. WordPress plugins let you create fully functional charts from your data and display them in your posts and pages.

In this blog post, we will examine the five best WordPress plugins for creating interactive charts. These plugins will help you create and add data charts on your blog or website, without any coding technique.

So, let’s begin!

Create Data Charts in WordPress: Use These 5 Plugins

1. Data Table Generator

Data Table Generator is a fantastic chart plugin for WordPress. It is an excellent way of building interactive and responsive charts from your data. You can even create, manage, and present data tables directly from your intuitive admin panel.

It offers a robust table functionality feature to let you add a table in minutes – you just need to enter a title and the number of rows and columns you want. A spreadsheet-like editor allows you to add rows and columns and enter data in a table like a breeze. Even, you can customize the formatting for data cells.

This plugin makes it simple to preview the tables from a ton on the plugin screen. You can even customize the display of your tables using CSS. Use the setting tab to integrate several other features like sorting and pagination.

Data Table Generator is also available in a premium version (price: $ 29) to offer you advanced features for creating charts from your tables. With the pro version, you can easily import and export data, build charts and diagrams from your data, and a lot more, with any technical guidance.

2. amCharts

It is a less popular chart plugin for WordPress but it is on our list because of its 5-star satisfaction ratings. amCharts has received some outstanding reviews because of its advanced features and functions.

This plugin allows you to create chart code snippets that can be added to the posts and pages on your site as shortcodes.

It comes with various default charts such as pie, map, radar, gauge, serial, stock, funnel, XY, etc. – which you can easily add to your post or page. You can even pass custom parameters into the shortcode and remark them in the chart’s code.

Note: amCharts is not for non-tech-savvy users. It requires in-depth knowledge of JavaScript code for customizing the default snippets.

3. Visualizer

With over 10,000 active installs, Visual Charts and Graphs has become one of the most popular chart plugins for WordPress.

It allows users to create, manage, and add interactive charts to their site’s posts and pages. You can add a chart via the Visualizer Library, located in the WordPress Media Library. It pulls the data for your chart from a CSV file, either by uploading directly or by linking online.

Visualizer allows you to add multiple types of data, such as string, date, Boolean, number, time date, etc. with ease. After creating a chart, you can easily add it to the post or page of your site using a shortcode.

From the custom viewpoint, the Visualizer plugin helps you write custom hooks for chart series and data filters. It offers a wide range of customization options to let you customize the design of your charts according to your needs. Create different styles of charts including bar charts, line charts, column charts, pie charts, gauge charts, scatter charts, and a lot more quickly and effortlessly.

4. Responsive Charts

Responsive Charts is our first premium chart plugin for WordPress. It lets you craft, manage, and add beautiful and interactive charts to your posts and pages without a hassle.

It offers a variety of charts including, pie, bar, line, donut, polar, radar, progress bar, etc.  You can even customize the overall look and design of your data charts – tweak the labels, colors, and tooltips of your charts with ease.

Since there is no preview chart in this plugin, you will need to save your settings and migrate onto the data before viewing the customization effects.

However, importing the main set of data from a CSV file becomes easy with this plugin. Adding additional data sets manually could be convenient if you are making use of line and bar charts.

5. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

It is also an incredible chart plugin for WordPress that lets you add data files to your site’s posts and pages in the form of charts and tables.

You can easily convert data, which is stored in a Google Spreadsheet, MySQL database, CSV file, or the output of Google Apps Script into an intriguing and interactive chart, table, or graph. Add live previews of XLS, DOC, and PDF quite easily.

In simple words, Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is an ideal tool for pulling in data from multiple file types for display.


These are the five best WordPress chart plugins that help you showcase your main set of data in the form of interactive and beautiful charts, graphs, and tables.

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