Top 12 Free table of contents plugin for WordPress 2021


Do you know about the table of contents plugin for WordPress? We have made the complete list here and described each one to help you.

A table of contents is a list of jump links that direct to the different parts of a page or post. They are especially effective for long articles because they highlight key sections of the article to improve the reader’s experience. Readers can go to more relevant sections to solve their queries.

Becoming a better writer and striving to improve content with smooth, clean, and easy-to-navigate options is a writer’s significant objective.

Using the table of contents can help search engine bots and humans by simply indicating the names of important sections of the article, bots can understand article content and display rich snippets in search results.

So if you are using WordPress or if you are looking to develop a WordPress website and want to write articles then you should consider adding a table of contents to your website.

It may seem like a lot of work, but thanks to some super useful plugins, TOC can be added in a few seconds.

If you are using Google Blogger then you might face difficulties while adding TOC, here is a short tutorial to add TOC in Blogger/Blogspot.

Table of contents plugin for WordPress

In the case of WordPress, there are various TOC plugin options available in WordPress. Below is the list of the best table of contents plugins for WordPress.

1. Guten TOC :

The Guten TOC plugin is a customizable and SEO-friendly Gutenberg block editor that scans page titles or post content and automatically creates a table of contents (TOC). Its features are:

  • The table of contents is generated automatically by inserting the advanced table of the content block.
  • Anchors generate automatically, but you can customize them as needed.
  • Gives SEO-friendly anchors and a table of contents to create proper visibility on the search results page (SERP), and it provides a customized list type. Besides, Smooth scrolling is offered.

2. CM Table of Contents

This is an effective plugin that allows you to build a table of contents for any page or post of your choice.

You can set the title tags(header label), define the different levels of the table of contents (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and you can set the font size for each level.

You will also get a comprehensive user guide and many useful video tutorials. You can use it for free or buy the professional version to get some extra features.

This includes the ability to automatically create a table of contents for all pages on your website and use shortcuts to add them anywhere in the content.

In addition, you can easily customize and design the content list.

3. Rich Table of Contents

If you need a plugin that works seamlessly to create a table of contents, you should look no further than “Rich Table of Contents”.

This table of contents plugin has an intuitive UI design that enables you to create your table of contents with one click.

You will be able to easily configure all the basic settings such as title, decide whether you want to insert it automatically for specific content types, and set display conditions.

Moreover, you will have access to some advanced settings like the power to decide whether you would like to display the table of contents opened or closed, set the button to return to the table of contents, change the setting of your button, exclude the page, and/or post ID, and more.

4. Heroic Table of Contents

The table of contents plugin will analyze your articles and will automatically develop a table of contents listing your article headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

This means there is no need to manually create the TOC or update it when the article changes.

Also, because it is designed as a WordPress block, it is manageable to drag and drop a Heroic TOC in your content.

It is optimized by Gutenberg for easy use in the native WordPress block editor, and it allows you to choose from a basic list, numbers, and bullets.

5. Easy table of contents

As you might guess, this plugin automatically generates a table of contents by collecting the heading of your content.

There are separate options to automatically enable and insert TOC in various types of content.

You can also choose the setting of the table of contents, in which available options include before or after the first heading, above or below the content.

The plugin also comes with some powerful customization options.

Similarly, five ready-to-use themes to help you get started. The advanced setting sections allow you to define which header tags should be included in the table of contents.

6. Simple TOC

After installation and activation, website owners can completely rely on the Simple TOC plugin, with the help of the shortcode given by the plugin developer, to simply create a table of contents for their website.

There are no restrictions here, and many tables can be created on the website as required.

7. Fixed TOC

This creative plugin helps you to build and display a unique table of contents on your WordPress website.

It will scan your content and automatically create a table of contents based on the heading.

It applies to all types of content. TOC has two display methods, one is a smart show and the other is fixed on the sidebar.

The plugin comes with a variety of attractive styles to help you get started.

You can adjust the font, color, position, size, etc. for these styles. With smooth scrolling, visitors can use TOC to scroll anywhere.

Visitors can improve the sub-headings to see or hide additional points. The fully responsive table of contents is moreover suitable for mobile devices and tablets.

8. Table of Contents Plus plugin

The Table of Contents Plus plug-in allows users to automatically configure context-specific content easily and quickly.

The plug-in is based on Wikipedia’s format, which is very suitable for content such as long-form content websites. Supports custom post types and shortcodes for different pages.

This plugin is free and can be used on WordPress. It is also available in dozens of languages and has useful shortcodes.

There are useful screenshots, a FAQ section, and a responsive help desk.

9. Ultimate Blocks

It is another plugin that has received a lot of good remarks along with a 5-star rating on WordPress.

It has more than 40 different blocks, consisting of call-to-action, social sharing, countdown, and table of contents.

This type of block lets you instantly create a table of contents from the heading.

Although this plugin is great because it comes with a complete list of useful blocks, you should know that, as the name cleverly implies, this is a Gutenberg-only plugin.

10. Lucky WP Table of Contents

If you want to include a table of contents on multiple pages and blog posts, this may be the best choice. It is an independent product, not a branch of any other TOC plugins.

Easy to use, easy to install and configure, the plugin puts a clean grey and black directory at the top of the post.

Some other features of the plug-in include show/hide switching, customizable labels, smooth scrolling, etc.

11. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a complete page builder with a lot of features and provides automatic TOC builder elements.

You can drag and drop items anywhere in the content. Next, select the heading tags (h1-h6) to be included in the table.

You can give a custom name for this section. The Max-Width and Min-Width options allow you to configure the width.

The available alignment options include left, right, justified, and centered.

The default setting will create TOC in two columns. There are separate options for using custom margins and padding for this section.

You can also choose the background, border, and title colors.

12. Elementor Addons

The Elementor Addons plugin extends the functionality of the Elementor Page Builder. Provides more than 100 add-ons, including “Table of Content” add-ons.

The plugin also provides a floating table If the contents button, the user can change the button to show or hide the table of contents.

It moreover provides sub-headings modification options.

Improve the WordPress (CMS) with a Table of Contents

As we all know, search engine optimization is the best way to make content more accessible to readers.

So, adding a “table of contents” to your WordPress posts and pages by using the above table of contents plugins will not only help to boost WordPress SEO but will also help in a better user experience.

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