Why Your Business Should Use Banner Marketing


With most, if not all businesses having some form of online and internet presence, it has proven an important place to build and promote your business brand. Whether used for your own or other advertising, the banner, whether static or animated, can be a great way to build customer numbers and get people talking about your business and brand.

What is Banner Marketing

For many businesses, the banner advert is used primarily on their websites, but they are also used on emails and blogs. These banners will all be slightly different from the animation on websites and blogs, allowing more numerous related bits of content to be shown at different times. The email banner is more static and professional, yet all of these will serve to get your brand out there and maintain some uniformity throughout your online offering. A great example is rocketseed.com which has perfected the professional signature that can double as a promotional banner.

The focus here is on this much-ignored email banner marketing, with a few tips to keep you ahead of the pack.

Keep it simple; the email is about a specific message or promotion, so don’t confuse the message; keep it on track, even if it means you have to change the banner or signature on a regular basis to keep them in line with ongoing promotions.

Keep them in date. Just as it is essential to keep the banners in line with the current state of the company products, ensure that any out-of-date email signatures are removed promptly. Regardless of whether you use email signature software for this or have to send out a new banner to staff on a monthly basis, ensure that they are up to date.

Test the tech. If you’re going to use any GIFs or videos, make sure that they actually work as you want them to. There is nothing worse than a fancy email signature with all the bells and whistles in the banner that either doesn’t work or serves to dilute the message in the email.

Quotes are a great way to keep the reader engaged. Including a regularly updated quote that links to the ethos of the business will create a moment with your clientele and customers to inspire and motivate. This has become a proven and important way to ensure the reader stays with you.

Brand building, keep the message, content, design, and the entire look and feel of the banner in your email similar to the ones used on your blogs and website. It may not be animated or play your theme song, but it must be seen as an extension of the business branding; it’s another way to lodge your look in the minds of the customer.

The use of banner marketing has grown in leaps and bounds, and it is now the main form of advertising. eCommerce and the overall online business space are growing, and more business than ever before is conducted on the internet and in the cloud. It is important to use every opportunity at your disposal to promote your business and build your brand; just ensure that you are using a simple email like one of these opportunities.

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