Why WordPress is the Best CMS Of Choice


Do you know why WordPress is the best CMS of choice for business owners? Here we have added the top 5 reasons.

Many websites on the internet with known Content Management Systems (CMS) currently use WordPress as their content material administration machine of choice.

WordPress was first regarded in 2003 as a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little from very humble beginnings. Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a buddy of Mullenweg, recommended the title WordPress.

Since 2003, WordPress has long gone from electricity to electricity in presenting each person from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and principal manufacturers the equipment to scale as their commercial enterprise grows. The reality is are several reasons why WordPress holds over 60% of the content management service market.


If you have a hassle with WordPress, the probability is anybody else has dealt with the identical issue. The WordPress neighborhood consists of WordPress developers, WordPress designers, WordPress development company, and devoted WordPress groups to produce new solutions, guides, and improvements shared online.

WordPress has constructed a vibrant neighborhood as an open-source platform, always growing and designing new aspects for anyone to use. If ever you have a hassle with WordPress, there is more than one avenue for you to get help. The neighborhood of WordPress designers and WordPress Developers are constantly eager to help, and the probability is they have confronted the trouble you are presently facing.


One of the most powerful reasons why two-thirds of website designers use WordPress is the wealth of plugins it offers, which supply the entirety of all you want to improve and beautify on your blog or website.

The plugin library at WordPress feels like a countless tour of equipment that can supply you with information capture, e-commerce, facts, and consistent information to enhance your internet site performance. New Plug-ins are always being developed and designed via the neighborhood of WordPress Designers and Developers.

WordPress makes use of automatic plugin updates that make sure your internet site is always up to date.


Whatever kind of website you can assume, WordPress has been constructed severally. WordPress has you blanketed for any trade-in in your business, such as introducing a new provider like e-commerce.

With drag-and-drop competencies or absolute control over the WordPress code, you have total freedom regarding your website’s sketch and function.

4) WORDPRESS IS BUILT FOR SEO (search engine optimization)

WordPress continues to be a chief when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress wrote the e-book on developing an easy way to manipulate search engine optimization for novices. Simultaneously, it is sufficient for an SEO specialist to tweak and tailor a website’s search engine optimization based totally on the records captured in WordPress and different equipment such as Google Analytics.

WordPress by itself will not be able to draw site visitors to your internet site as that will come down to different elements you do with your site. Still, WordPress offers you the basis to make sure your search engine marketing is a huge factor in driving traffic to your website.


WordPress takes care of your website’s security entirely for you. A hacked internet site can cause extreme harm to your commercial enterprise income and reputation.

If hackers achieve entry to your website, they can steal consumer information, passwords, savings card data, or deploy software program that sits on your website. They should get entry to your users’ computer systems or ship out malware to all your visitors.
Worst, you may also discover yourself being held for ransom by hackers to gain access to your website.

It is a horrifying thought, one that WordPress takes very seriously. No website online is one hundred percent protected; however, WordPress leads to security in the Content Management System market.


WordPress dominates the content material administration device, with a 60% market, on top of that, 20% of the world’s self-hosted websites additionally use WordPress. It is no marvel that the platform is so energetic and prolific about assisting new additions to the community.

It is also important to know that some of the world’s biggest brands use WordPress, such as Disney, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, PlayStation blog, etc.

Jamie FitzHenry is the founder of Grizzly web design Bristol agency focussing on helping businesses enhance their online presence.