WeTransfer 101: What is WeTransfer, and How Does it Work?


Technology has touched every walk of our lives & one visible output is the intense production, sharing & management of data. Also, the apps performing the jobs of organizing, managing & sharing data/files are thus in high requirement today. WeTransfer is one such highly renowned app used by many kinds of professionals & experts in various fields, like digital marketing, etc. Read to understand more the answers to, “What is transfer and how to use it? Etc.

What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is an internet-based service that allows the transferring of files up to a maximum of 2 GB of data for as many recipients/colleagues as needed. The platform’s interface is so simple to use, making it highly user–friendly, and allows even sharing of very large files in a very comfortable, & completely effective manner, via email.

How Does WeTransfer Work?

WeTransfer basically has two versions – free & WeTransfer Plus. The free version allows a maximum of twenty recipients to receive a file. An option of sending a short note of text – like a normal message is also available. The mechanism of work is also simple – simply entering the Official Website of WeTransfer, uploading the files & sending them to recipients. Once the recipients download the file, the sender will get intimation about the same. In case, if a person fails to see/ forgets, the platform texts the sender that they didn’t open the mail yet. Also, 2 GB is the maximum file capacity supported for sending.

WeTransfer Plus is a kind of paid elite version, where the capacity of 20 GB of files can be sent, and there is also the availability of password encryption and, thus, the highest protection. Also, about a hundred recipients can receive it at one time. Also, options like customizing the background, submission’s presentation, URL as well as multiple arrays of options, are available anywhere & anytime.

How to Use WeTransfer?

Step-by-step procedure:

  • One has to access the official website of WeTransfer. Then, one has to choose between the free( the default mode) & the paid option.
  • The next step is that one must accept the privacy policy stated by the entity. Clicking on,” OK” moves to the next step.
  • Then, one has to send the files by tapping on the “plus” icon, on the left side of the screen & then choose “Add more files.” Choose the required files & mode of transfer & then finally click on the “send” option.
  • After the “send” option is chosen, it would display “transferring” & one must wait till a hundred percent is completed.

Unique & Distinguishing Characteristics

WeTransfer generally allows up to the transferring of files of 2 GB. If a Google account is proposed as an alternative, it requires backup in the drive & then sending, which is yet another time-consuming process.

Advantages Of Using The WeTransfer Platform

While you have learned how to use transfer, you should know about its benefits too: Some of them include:

1. Non-necessity of creation of an account

Neither the sender/ nor the receiver would be asked to create an account for sending as well as receiving. It is one of the key advantages that distinguish Wetransfer from other platforms that transfer files.

2. Easy advertising of business

The success of companies like Nike, Netflix, and Vimeo, depends on the amount of effectiveness of their strategies. One of the key strategies is that they advertise on the most frequently visited & used pages, like the WeTransfer. Thus, it implies that any individual’s brand that sets on to tantalize the viewers by being displayed at the time of the downloading has a greater impact & can generate more leads.

3. Uploading is so easy

The major two processes involved in transferring – both uploading as well as sending files demand no time delay & are done in a fraction of a second. Even larger files have no time constraints & can be sent in a couple of minutes.

Closing note

WeTransfer is an amazing platform that renders excellent support in transferring files & offers many indirect & hidden benefits too. Since you are aware of how we transfer works, you have known everything in detail. It is time to apply the knowledge in detail!

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