What is ITIL Certification and What is its Scope in Building a Lucrative Career?


ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Though in itself, ITIL is a recognizable term and rarely needs to be identified with its full form. ITIL certification courses prepare you with in-depth knowledge about best practices that can be implemented for the management and improvement of IT services in an organization. With ITIL, an organization can ensure that the IT services are accurately aligned with the dynamic objectives of a Business.

An essential factor of ITIL is the CMDB or the configuration management database that gives the central authority for the functioning of all IT services, its users, and the various components including the software and hardware involved. The systematic monitoring of all the essential factors in the functioning and servicing gives comprehensive control over the detection and resolution of the root cause problem in the IT ecosystem within an organization within a short span of time or in a live environment. This also ensures that such issues do not arise in the future.

How ITIL helps businesses

There is a huge scope for ITIL now as companies are beginning to realize the effectiveness of such systematic management within an organization. The need for ITIL-certified professionals is growing across industries. Having an ITIL professional will help a business to

i. Strongly align the business objectives and the IT services

ii. Improve the scope of service delivery and customer satisfaction

iii. Implement cost-effective measures for enhanced business productivity

iv. Design and implement strategic plans to accelerate the growth trajectory of a business and exceed its potential.

These are some major factors that can boost the development of a business with renewed vigor. This makes a professional with ITIL certification absolutely invaluable to an organization.

Scope of ITIL certification

An ITIL certification course can help you understand how IT influences the strategy of an organization and how it can improve its overall performance by implementing the 4 dimensions of service management. With ITIL principles one can streamline operations and bring about a more flexible and cohesive work environment. The comprehensive approach that is imbibed into the courses allows you to nurture and encourage a more holistic work environment and move from an individual to a team effort in innovation and collaboration.

ITIL certification does not just encompass the best practices for the operations part of a business. It goes beyond the operations and assists in equipping a business with improved relationships with stakeholders and evolves superior communication strategies that are more effective. It prepares you to culminate the best of a business and helps you develop a more flexible environment that can adapt to the dynamism of the IT industry and adopt newer and more effective methods of functionalities.

ITIL Foundation course to augment growth

With such intricate knowledge of molding the workings of a business and its organization, you can amplify your career opportunities. ITIL has been accepted and adopted by numerous organizations across industries to improve its efficacy and productivity throughout the various strata of its establishment. The scope for ITIL professionals is increasing with every passing day as it gets accepted and adopted on a global basis to overcome the cutthroat competition in the market to excel in every sphere.

To give a start to a soaring career, choose to get your ITIL certification after completing the ITIL foundation course that is crafted as per the standards set by AXELOS. Opt for a training institute that is a certified partner of AXELOS and offers an exclusive ITIL foundation course that encompasses a comprehensive syllabus, preparing you to lead the IT industry with your ITIL certification. The course aims to equip you as a professional with the core concepts of IT service management and the best practices that can revolutionize the performance levels of every industry dependent on IT services.

Advantages of the ITIL course

Once you opt for the foundation course, you will be able to leverage the information you get to deliver the highest level of digital services, and products to the end-users while facilitating a cohesive work environment. Its systematic approach prepares you to adopt the newest technologies into every facet of the business operation. It gives you complete control to plan and implement continuous growth strategies. The courses include case studies and practice tests that help you prepare for the exams that you would need to take to get certified.

Getting certified

Once the course is completed you will need to register for the exams. The certification exams are held on a global level and can be taken online from the comfort of your home. PeopleCert has the exclusive contract to do the ITIL certification test. The tests can be taken at authorized training institutes or online, by going into the PeopleCert website and opting for the ITIL foundation exam selecting your country from the drop-down list, and selecting the time slot that you prefer. Once the exams are completed you get your score and certification as an ITIL professional.

You can redefine your career growth by taking an ITIL foundation course and getting certified. This will enhance your knowledge base and equip you to develop a systematic approach to any and every challenge that an organization faces. Improve your chances at a better career by opting for the comprehensive ITIL 4 Foundation course offered by a well-established training organization.


ITIL certification is a definite career boost for anyone in the IT industry including business managers, process owners, projects managers, ITSM managers, and IT professionals in the digital field. The process is very simple now but the scope of advancement that it offers to your career is boundless. It not only means getting job opportunities at bigger and better companies but you get the salary that you dreamt of.

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