What is Ion Chromatography and its Applications?


Are you doing chemical work related to charged molecules? If so, then you might need Ion chromatography systems for different applications related to ions. These particles are either positive or negative, based on gaining or losing electrons. Ionic chromatography services can provide better results when conducting chemical work. It can help provide the best results in various fields.

What Exactly Is Ionic Chromatography?

Ion chromatography is a type of liquid chromatography that measures how concentrated ions are. The process involves separating them depending on how they interact with a substance known as resin.

These are solid or thick substances made from natural or synthetic sources. Various factors determine how the ion species reacts when it contacts the resin.

The Ionic chromatography process is commonly applied to the following:

Salt and Sugar Content in Food

These are some of the most common additives in food products. Most adults should consume a maximum of 1500 mg of sodium daily.

Meanwhile, the average Australian consumes about 14 teaspoons of white sugar daily. It is significantly higher than the World Health Organisation’s recommendations for men (9 tsp) and women (6 tsp).

Companies and organizations might wish to test the salt or sugar levels of particular foods for various functions. This could include companies and organizations that want to check how much sodium or sugar is contained in various commercial food products.

High consumption of salt and sugar has been linked to higher risks of various health issues. They include high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attack. Consumers need to know the exact amount of these substances in store-bought and restaurant foods.

Drinking-Water Analysis

This is done to test the chemistry in various water ecosystems. Today many complex processes are used to process drinking water. There are various types, including filtered, distilled, and purified. In fact, various chemical compounds can exist in H2O.

It’s important to remove various toxic chemical compounds and elements from the water before it’s consumed. The reason is such substances can block important body processes, which can cause unwanted health problems.

The “ion-exchange chromatography” process can help to remove dangerous substances. Toxic chemicals and microbes must be minimized to a low level that doesn’t produce health conditions.

This includes different ones like “anions,” which can result in public health and environmental issues.

Isolation of Certain Proteins

This macronutrient is found in various types of foods, including natural and processed. High-protein foods include:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Beans/Peas
  • Dairy

It would be helpful to eat a wide range of animal and plant-based foods. They contain different amounts of the building blocks of proteins known as amino acids.

20 amino acids produce different kinds of proteins. There are nine essential amino acids (EAAs) that people must get from foods and 11 non-essential amino acids (NEAAs) that the body produces naturally.

Dietary supplements such as protein powders have also become popular in recent decades. This includes ones that include whey or casein proteins, which are the two milk proteins found in dairy products.

In terms of nutrition, natural protein sources are healthier than those from dietary supplements. However, one protein shake per day can help to boost a person’s daily protein intake.

These are some of the various applications of Ion chromatography systems. It’s important to find a supplier that offers various features like effective results, high uptimes, and cost-effectiveness. These features can help to supercharge your work with charged molecules.

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