What is Augmented Reality (AR) – A Step By Step Guide


In this era of fast pacing technological advancements, Augmented Reality has become a true thing. Gone are the days when people used to dream of a virtual world, Augmented Reality is giving shape to this virtual world in real. More and more people are getting engaged in augmented reality app development so that they can impart a larger impact in the app development industry.

In this article, we shall throw some light on the fundamentals of Augmented Reality and how one can create an AR app for Android by following the right steps. Not only this, but we have also covered some of the best AR apps in detail. So, let’s get started!

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is considered as a unique technology that has simplified our day to day life by adding digital tools and techniques to the smartphones and iOS applications. AR is helpful in adding 3D graphic designs and images to the surrounding home applications. Globalization and the latest technological advancement have resulted in increasing the accessibility and availability of Augmented Reality in the real world.

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

Augmented Reality offers enormous potential beginning from simple elements to complex machine engineering devices. The main aim of Augmented Reality technology is to bring the virtual world into reality so that the users can see and experience them. Moreover, Augmented Reality Apps provide brilliant customer experience and user interface.

Augmented Reality development has come up with a number of exciting benefits and utility such as relevant data and content to the users, mapping, sensor tracking, localization etc. It also performs the function of object recognition and AR navigation in order to increase the convenience of its users.

How to make an AR app for Android?

The creation of AR mobile apps is not an easy job. Given below are some of the options which you need to follow for the successful foundation of best AR apps:

1. First, you need to download and install both, Unity and Android Studio in your Android devices.

2. Then, you can follow a few tutorials by online experts such as Matthew Hallberg etc. to have a deep in-depth knowledge about Augmented Reality development. Also, there is a technology naming Victoria for learning marker-based AR.

3. Also, you can easily build AR mobile apps using Google-based software that is ARCore. It is a markerless augmented system wherein you can enjoy the AR experience on a flat surface.

4. Stack Overflow offers a friendly guide to the users who need to build any kind of application for their smartphones of Ios devices.

5. Youtube is another common means for learning best augmented reality apps. Live videos enable faster understanding of the concept and better building capacity by its users.

Top 6 Best Augmented Reality Apps

There are a plethora of paid, in-purchase, premium deals and free of cost apps available online that provide best AR development experience to its users:

1. Mind Map AR:

It adds a whole new dimension to innovation and creativity of the users. It is the first AR mapping app that has produced more meaningful results using the study of 3D graphics. It runs on Android devices that support ARCore. It offers a wide range of features like custom coloring, tag filtering, cloud attachments, image notes, placement, cast to the big screen, hyperlink approach and many more. Mind Map AR is a powerful tool that is available in two packages either premium support or free within build services.

2. Plane Finder:

This application truly gives an answer to ‘what is Augmented Reality (AR)’? It is one of the topmost ranking apps in terms of high profile services and customer interface. It ensures customized content about the flights and Airplanes on your camera screen. It gives you a clear picture of the overhead planes and their air traffic. It is easy to use and is much faster than traditional AR technology.

3. Vortex Planetarium:

It is considered as one of the marvelous creation for the quicker understanding of satellites and stars. Moreover, you can easily get tons of information about Messier objects, constellations, stars, planets and many more just by a click on your Android smartphone. This app is very useful for the purpose of forecasting weather and seasonal changes, eclipse, and moon phases etc.

4. iOnRoad:

This application helps the users to analyze the traffic on roads and perform safety driving measures for a smooth and safe drive. It provides access to a vast variety of features such as a GPS support system, a video of Image capturing ability identifying the shortest route to the destination and many more. It is mostly preferred by car drivers for secure and convenient car parking.

5. Flightradar24:

This Augmented Reality mobile app is used in almost 140 countries to enable the synchronization of air traffic on a real-time basis. It has a massive database system to keep a record of the bookmarks, airplanes, and filters. It also provides complete information about the arrival and departure of the flights and the weather conditions of the climate.

6. AR-Animals:

It is a revolutionary app used for creating HD images. This Augmented Reality web app is useful for bringing the virtual world into reality by making the paper animals live through scanning and 3D graphics. Even though there is no option to interact with them but you can still enjoy watching them eating, talking and wandering around the mobile screen.

Some Final Words

AR technology is revolutionizing day by day as the number of AR apps are being added into this bucket. From augmented reality apps for windows phone to android and iPhones, all types of phones are getting AR apps. Even the demand for ar mobile apps has significantly increased over the last few years. In upcoming times, the world will surely witness a huge leap coming in the Augmented Reality technology.


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