How Wedding With Seasonal Flowers can Save Your Money


You can save money with wedding flowers by season. Weddings are an extravagant event that consumes too much money and time. While trying to impress society, everyone is focused on pitching the event to make it look glorious. The couples are usually looking at the loopholes where they can cross the costs somehow to save something. One of the most significant ways to save your money is using seasonal flowers for decoration at your wedding party. Here’s a guide including the ways through which you spend less and flaunt more at your wedding. Let’s dive deep into it.

The Know Surveying Data 2019 gives an average survey that 70% of people hire florists for the big day in their lives while the other 30% work on their own to make their big day a success.

Wedding Flowers by Season

We have a guide for you to save your expense on decoration through seasonal flowers whether you hire an expert crew of florists or do it on your own.

Online Research

If you search “how seasonal flowers can save your money at the wedding,” as you probably did to be on this page, a countless list of related links will create traffic to your search results. And guess what? This is an amazing platform to start. From here, set up boards on Pinterest to save ideas, photos, and themes that suit you the best.

Once you recognize flowers, arrangements, and decor ideas that seem to attract your eyes, you can do further browsing to shortlist the one that cuts your cost. Set Google Alerts for ideas you need notification of when the prices drop.

Create A Budget

If you are trying to save money on your wedding, the most important thing is to prepare a budget. You must discuss a general budget with your partner to ensure that you both are on the same track. Consider every aspect from where you can save money, whether decorations or wedding flowers. You must clarify your budget to the wedding florist prior so that they can give you suitable packages and suggestions that best suit your needs and budget.

Access To Availability

Amidst looking for surplus flower alternatives, there is a chance you would end up selecting flowers that are not available in that particular season. Choosing occasional flowers automatically leads to high expenses, simultaneously leading to spending a high amount on weddings. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose seasonal flowers for the decoration of your wedding venue. In this manner, you would have a surplus of flowers on a minimum budget.

Bulk Order

It is crystal clear that you cannot place bulk orders for non-seasonal flowers as they are not available at that time. But if you decide to embellish your wedding venue with seasonal flowers, in that case, you can easily place a bulk order for these sweet blossoms, even if you choose to make a floral decoration with two or three kinds of flowers. You can easily purchase plenty of blossoms at wholesale rates from florists at affordable purchases and adorn your wedding setup with these lovely pieces of blossoms.

Transportation Costs

When it comes to seasonal flowers, they can be produced anywhere. You won’t have to travel miles to get them as compared to other flowers which you have to look for and order at high prices. If the florists are imposing high shipment charges for the delivery of flowers, you can look for alternatives that would crosscut your costs and fit your budget. One more solution to this obstacle would be picking the flowers on your own or hiring an SUV or van at a cheaper cost than the transportation costs imbibed by florists.

Quality Issues

The quality of flowers grown in artificial conditions indeed differs from the ones that are naturally produced. And this is one of the major elements which puts weight on your pockets. When the blossoms are not seasonal, they are more costly than seasonal flowers that are naturally grown and have better quality. Also, ordering non-seasonal flowers from long distances can damage some during transit, whereas seasonal flowers can be ordered from local florists.

Decoration With Dry Flowers

This is one of the most effective ways to save money on your wedding ceremony. Dry flowers are graceful, and persistent, and go best with the primitive theme. You will be surprised to know that you can even preserve dry flowers for a lifetime if you keep them out of the sunshine and take care of them. Thus, you can embellish your wedding venue with dry flowers to increase its beauty and decrease your costs.

A wedding is an occasion that incurs a huge budget irrespective of how you choose to execute it. But if you are a person who strives to save every penny, this guide is the ultimate solution to your budget. Flower Club aims to give the best solution to every budget and every choice. We are here to make it easy and admirable for you. Hire our professionals to embellish your wedding venue with lovely blossoms at a budget-friendly cost.

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