5 Web Design Trends for 2023


Every year the world of web design is defined by various trends. These trends attract the eyes of users who visit websites to find information or conduct online transactions.
The design trends of each year are like personas, reflecting popular fashion and entertainment of the time. In the same way, trends come and go with fashion, so do design trends in web development.

If you’re curious about the web design trends in 2023, keep reading for the rundown on important trends for this year.

1. Hoverable Iconography

In 2023, competition web design trends are anticipated to geometrically grow more creative, user-friendly, and innovative. At the forefront of development is the trend of hoverable iconography.

It is an interactive technique that enables the user to identify icons and conveniently trigger a hidden function or menu without needing to click. One of the most versatile strategies to provide an enjoyable user experience.

It offers a great alternative to hide available menu items and minimize visual clutter on the page.

2. AI-Generated Color Palette

AI learnings within website design create colors that are guided by the User’s emotional preferences, allowing them to feel at ease when navigating the website. AI-generated colors also make it easier for designers to create a fluid design look and feel throughout the website without having to manually create each color.

AI-generated colors create a way for designers to take advantage of deep learning algorithms to optimize color and the website’s overall user experience.

3. Mobile-Specific Features

As technology advances and user experience on mobile devices rises, mobile-specific features will continue to be a priority in the web design trends of 2023. This would include features like responsive web design, which automatically adjusts the page layout to fit the screen size and offers quick action buttons for user navigation.

Additionally, mobile-friendly content such as compressed images and videos will be required, as well as innovative features such as facial recognition for login functions and artificial intelligence for personalized user experiences.

4. Animated Product Reveals

Animated product reveals provide an interactive user experience. It shows products attractively. These reveals can animate non-visual elements like product names and descriptions.

It can also add vibrant colors, shapes, and visual effects to highlight the product. They can also be used to give extra information about the product during the reveal, such as pricing or availability.

5. Supplemental Video

This could be in the form of streaming videos, videos embedded into the background of web pages, or as an integral part of the animation. Aside from site structure, web designers will also focus on integrating videos into the overall layout and design.
For example, subtle scrolling and fading effects can be used to transition from one video component to another, creating a polished design aesthetic.

Get Ready for The Web Design Trends

Overall, web design trends in 2023 are likely to be lighter and minimal. Large, bold fonts and limited pops of color will be popular, whilst storytelling elements will be used to tie content together.

We can only speculate what trends are on the horizon, but suffice it to say, keep your web design up-to-date and explore new techniques to keep your audience engaged. Try it now and see what results you can get!

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