Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Virtual Event Production Services


Whether planning a virtual event or webinar, knowing what you’re looking for is essential. Make a list of crucial elements, followed by desirable features.

Virtual events (webinars, trade shows, etc.) are built on content and attendee engagement. Poor video production can hurt both of these factors.

Look for Experience

Whether you are hosting a virtual event only or as a hybrid solution to replace or augment in-person meetings, looking for experience from your partners and platforms is essential. This includes knowing what data the platform can collect, what reports it can help generate, and ensuring that sensitive information is held securely.

Additionally, consider the size of the event you are trying to host. Whether you want to attend a town hall meeting will depend on your goals. That can support 500 attendees or an event where global offices will join from afar, affecting what features and tools you need from your virtual platform.

Asking about the type of tech support is also a brilliant idea offered by the virtual platform vendors who will provide it before, during, and after your event. This can be a massive differentiator if you have issues that must be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Ask for References

Behind the scenes of every fantastic event is a professional producer calling the shots, coordinating content, and ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience. Virtual and hybrid events are no exception.

When choosing a virtual event production service, ask for references from previous clients and the overall client experience of working with the provider. Ask about how they handled any issues during the event and whether they could resolve them promptly.

Ask if they provide any help following the event as well. It is not uncommon for virtual event services to run into technical hiccups during a live stream or recording that requires immediate attention. Having a dedicated partner to handle these issues in real time can mean the difference between a seamless, successful event and one marred by video lag or poor digital playback quality. Ask about their capabilities and how they would approach a potential partnership with you.

Ask for Demos

Virtual events can be a powerful way to reach and engage audiences worldwide who might have yet to have the opportunity to attend in person. When selecting a virtual event production service, ask for a demo of their capabilities and the experiences they can deliver.

Some vendors offer a comprehensive set of tools and services that can help marketers achieve the most out of their events. Finding a partner who provides the best value for your investment can make all the difference in delivering a successful event.

Ask to view the backend of their event platform to see how automated systems can improve timelines and transitions. Automation is critical to maintaining a consistent attendee experience in a virtual event. This also helps reduce the risk of human error, which can negatively impact your event.

Choose a Partner You Can Trust

When choosing a virtual event production service, consider how comfortable you feel working with the company. Choose a partner with a team dedicated to supporting you before, during, and after the event. Ask your prospective vendor about their platform’s tech support and any add-on services you may need.

Choosing a provider who understands that only some things at an event go precisely as planned is essential. They should be able to troubleshoot issues like an attendee login error or a video glitch and provide a quick fix.

Savvy virtual event organizers use powerful analytics platforms to measure performance and identify top-performing content. These metrics help them optimize future events and marketing programs. Other measurable data points include the number of session registrations, social media mentions, and qualified sales leads. You can also track the value of your event through cost and revenue data. This enables you to calculate the return on investment for your organization.

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