8 Factors that Affect the Timing of Personal Injury Claims


When a person gets injured in an accident, it can lead to a huge effect on their life. It is only natural to feel angry, confused, and sad. If someone was at fault for your injury, it is your right to seek compensation for the physical and emotional damage you encountered. After all, lost income and, medical bills incurred as a result of your accident can possibly put you in a position that is hard to get out of. If you get injured in an accident, seek help from your local personal injury lawyers to learn more about what you are supposed to do next.

The list below contains eight factors that affect the timing of personal injury claims;


According to Hughey Law Firm, the cases in which liability is not a problem may settle more quickly than other cases with the related subject. If the appellant resists liability, the trial can fail to settle and the people may wait for the judges to identify which party was at fault and thriftly accountable for the vandalization which took place. Various individual wound lawyers maneuver cases in different ways. More experienced attorneys may be able to handle the cases more quickly than attorneys who lack experience in personal injury law. In addition, if a personal injury attorney is maneuvering several trials at the same time, it may take them longer to settle the case than other attorneys.

Nature of the Case

Cases that are considered standard may be faster to resolve than other types of cases. For example, car accidents are usually faster to settle than other types of personal injury cases.

Insurance Company

The insurance company handling the claim can have a huge effect on the period a case can take to be resolved. Some organizations may have strategies set up to solve the petition within a definite time period while other insurance companies may have a slow and steady perspective to carefully weigh the benefits of each claim.

Case Complexity

More complex cases need extra time by the insurer, personal injury defendant, and attorney. Meaningful features of the case may be at issue, including questions of liability and damages.

Parties Involved in the Case

Parties associated with the case can impact the timeline. A numerous car pileup that includes several vehicles will be more complex and engage collective claims, insurance companies, and personal injury attorneys. 

Level of Cooperation

A personal injury case involves several parties and a delay in response from one of the parties can prolong the personal injury process. Sometimes the defense or the personal injury victim can take longer to submit the needed documents to the attorney.

Level of Damages

The number of damages associated with a case can also impact the timeline. Some injuries may take a long to heal and may need a huge payout making it uncommon for each party to go back and forth in an attempt to agree on a settlement amount.


Sectors in which there are many cases taking place at once may take longer to settle. If the case goes to court, it takes a longer process in a jurisdiction with a flooded docket than in a jurisdiction with relatively fewer cases.

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