Why You Need a Travel or Prepaid SIM Card When You Visit New Zealand


New Zealand is composed of two major landmasses called the North Island and South Island which are geographically located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is approximately 2,000 kilometers east of Australia and has a total land area of about 268,000 square kilometers. The country also houses some of the best locations in the world.

Because of the country’s beautiful and gorgeous locations, tourism has become the largest export industry of New Zealand, contributing more than 20 percent of foreign exchange earnings. Millions of tourists travel to the country, and the majority of them experience the same problem, staying connected while traveling.

If you are heading off to New Zealand soon, you should undoubtedly get a travel or prepaid NZ sim card for your connectivity needs. This article will give you smart reasons why you should invest in one.

What is a Prepaid or Travel SIM Card?

A travel SIM card or prepaid international SIM card is a tool that allows you to have texting capabilities, call time, and cellular data across several countries. Also, you will have access to different applications on your smartphone so you can make in-app calls, upload photos on social media, and post a video on social networks, to name a few.

International Roaming in New Zealand is Expensive

New Zealand is widely considered an advanced market economy, and it consistently ranks high in the Human Development Index (HDI) and third in the Index of Economic Freedom. It is no surprise that the cost of living is expensive here. This leads to a costly international roaming service for travelers when they visit the country.

Fortunately, getting a prepaid NZ sim card provides a solution to this predicament. By getting a prepaid SIM, you won’t suffer from huge bills as a result of using an international roaming service on your mobile phone. Some SIM cards offer unlimited calls and texts to local numbers in New Zealand as well as unlimited data plans.

Have Cellular Data Anywhere

New Zealand is home to several top-rated tourist attractions in the world that boast exceptional natural wonders, such as rainforests, coves, coastal glaciers, and mountains. Unfortunately, using a SIM card from your origin country’s network in these locations leads to bad reception. This means you won’t have access to cellular data.

The advantage of having an international prepaid SIM is that you can have cellular data anywhere. As soon as you arrive in New Zealand, you can immediately connect on the country’s network, fuss-free. Also, your cellular data needs are met whichever tourist spot or location you decide to visit.

Save More Time

When tourists travel to a certain country, they mostly hope that they can go somewhere where Wi-Fi is accessible. Unfortunately, this is not something that you should look forward to when visiting New Zealand. You will waste so much time finding a Wi-Fi spot that you could have allotted to visit different places.

Using an international SIM card allows you to save more time when traveling. This is because you no longer have to make stops in areas with Wi-Fi to have internet access. This gives you more time to explore the country and enjoy what it offers.


For the reasons mentioned above, investing in a prepaid SIM card when you visit New Zealand is undoubtedly advantageous. If you want to prevent all the hassle of not being connected when you go to New Zealand, a prepaid SIM card should be your top priority before you visit the country.

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