Top Virtual Reality Game Accessories You Need for Next-Level Immersion


Do you know about top virtual reality game accessories? In this article, we are going to discuss everything with you.

Virtual Reality (VR) offers real and highly immersive gaming experiences. The technology enhances the look and feel of shooters, simulations, or adventurous activities. Gamers can feel as if they are seeing the action directly from their character’s eyes. Their mind gets tricked into thinking what it’s experiencing is real. 360-degree video and dense graphics create an immersive presence to boost the adrenaline rush.

Do you know a VR game can be played on advanced laptops and PCs, specialized game consoles, or standalone systems that can power the leading VR headsets? You need to have some VR gaming accessories to enjoy the gameplay.

Find below the top virtual reality game accessories to have next-level immersion.

Laptop or Desktop PC

Windows Gaming laptops or desktops provide more bang for your buck. With a powerful gaming processor, they can offer you extra graphic power so you can play competitive and AAA gaming wherever you are. Pick a laptop that offers Full HD with high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. Make sure of the minimum Intel Core i7 processor with 4 (quad) cores for the smooth running of the most demanding games.

Choose a device with powerful graphics cards such as GTX 1050/GTX 1060 that delivers 60 FPS in Full HD to see crystal clear quality. SSD (solid-state drive) storage ensures much faster load times. A machine with 15-inch to 17-inch is the ideal display size for gamers.

VR Gaming Earphones

Good quality VR Gaming Earphones are worth considering. Their audio quality is great. Even better if you choose one with silicone-tipped. These types of earphones improve your VR experience. Select gaming earphones with dual drivers for better audio.

The noise cancellation feature allows the blocking of outside noises. Make sure the earphones are small, light, comfortable, and can easily fit your ears. They should work for any VR visitor on the market.

VR Game Controllers

Another accessory on the list is a VR controller, which can translate your physical actions into game performance. Modern VR games use hand-based controllers (joystick, gamepad, or even gloves) to point, fire, and send commands. Some of the advanced VR games also utilize a motion detector or control to sense your real-life activities and recreate them within the game.

VR Gaming Gloves

Opt for a pair of sensor-equipped VR gaming gloves. Such gloves allow a new level of detail in today’s newest VR games. VR motion detectors in the gloves help you sense broad, entire-body movements. Further, they enable the detection of finger movements.

With VR Gaming Gloves, you will be able to create a new generation of VR games that ask players to pick up small items, grasp and carry objects, and so on.

VR Gaming Headsets

Among the most critical VR gaming accessories is a pair of headsets to immerse yourself in the game. Stay smooth and seamless, even as high-speed action unfolds around you with a super-fast processor and high-resolution display. Choose a headset that gives 3D positional audit, haptic feedback, and hard tracking, and collaborate with colleagues in innovative workspaces. A good headset is a wireless model that offers intuitive controls, a built-in battery, easy setup, and no PC or console.

Power Bank

Solid batteries and popular VR headsets can provide gamers with fun for a few hours. After that, they either restrict their movement with charging cables or give a rest for the day. So, look for a Power Bank – a beefy portable battery charger. Choose one that has a 13400mAh capacity so that it can charge most VR headsets.

A power bank has more than one charging port. So, you can charge more than one VR accessory at once. Since it is not much thicker than your cell phone, you can carry it anywhere. While picking a power bank, ensure that it is compatible with other devices and has at least three charging points.


Immersing yourself in virtual reality games is somewhat of a new experience. It can be surprising and at times breathtaking because it can promptly transport you to different places that are hardly possible with other devices. Lenovo offers a full line of VR gaming accessories to gamers. You can find a designed mouse, monitors, pointing devices, RGB keyboards, steering wheels, accelerators, ergonomic chairs, and more.

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