Top US Streaming Services


If you’re anything like most people in the US, you probably enjoy getting together with family and friends for fun-filled movie nights or watching major sports games like the Super Bowl live. Most people go as far as betting on the Super Bowl for the fun of it, and so they check the Super Bowl odds to help them out.

To watch sports and other entertainment, you need to find a reliable streaming service for the long term.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top free streaming services for a variety of material you can access from anywhere, whether in the US or overseas, without paying a dime. Here are our top suggestions.

ABC News Live

You can’t go wrong with ABC News Live if you’re craving TV news programming. The service is available around the clock and offers unlimited access to live news information directly from ABC News.

No matter where you live, you may watch ABC News Live without a VPN. It’s a completely unrestricted choice for US news. You may watch ABC News Live online using any web browser or the ABC News Live app.


One of the genre-specific TV streaming services that prioritizes 24/7 live ad-supported streaming models is Charge! It offers some sports material but is mainly aimed at action TV viewers.

Due to its concept, it functions similarly to conventional over-the-air TV stations, with the exception that it streams online. There’s an iOS app that you may combine with VPN software for iOS devices if you don’t want to utilize a web browser.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim, which was once a part of Comedy Central, is now a standalone TV network that WarnerMedia owns. The WarnerMedia ownership grants Adult Swim access to a sizable collection of unique TV series, including the perennially popular animated action-comedy Rick and Morty and a selection of Warner’s output.

This program offers on-demand access to more than 100 titles. While several of its episodes need you to check in with a cable TV service provider, most of its content collection is free with advertisements.


You’re right if you believe Comet seems familiar. Sinclair Broadcast Group, which also owns and runs Charge!, is its owner and operator. Comet focuses on science fiction television and film, which is the only distinction between Charge! and Comet.

In light of this, everything we wrote about Charge! above also applies to Comet, including its operation and the locations of the applications you may use to view it outside a web browser.


Before Sony sold the bulk of the service to Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment, Sony-owned Crackle and went under the moniker “Sony Crackle.” Chicken Soup got to work immediately, removing “Sony” from the brand and creating fresh material.

Currently, this service offers more than 1,300 titles. With the ownership transition, Crackle lost most of its top-rated Sony programming. Nevertheless, its library still features several genres of ad-free, on-demand streaming TV episodes and movies.

Nearly every device you could wish to use has a variety of Crackle applications, the majority of which also function with separate VPN apps.

Don’t Take The Illegal Chance

The greatest free movie and TV streaming services offer a secure and legitimate substitute for torrents and websites that stream content illegally. Torrent-based or illegal material streaming websites are more likely to include malware or expose you to copyright infringement litigation.

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