Data Management Platforms – Top 10 for 2020 That You Should Know


Data management platforms (DMPs) are very helpful when it comes to the housing, analysis, and interpretation of organization and business data. Besides that, they also play a role in customer segmentation for the purposes of sales and marketing. Reliable studies put them on the front line in building useful customer and audience data that helps in decision-making within a company.

The main users of this data are marketers and management, and some of the best platforms make it possible for them to use it as they please. Hence, they can perform the following functions:

  • Segment and understand the market
  • Set up appropriate marketing strategies
  • Communicate with customers effectively
  • Generate possible prospects and increase conversion rates
  • Predict the future and plan for company growth

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Let us look at the top 10 data management platforms that you can rely on in 2020 according to reviews from various experts.

SAS Data Management

This has to be on top of this list for a good reason. SAS is a leader in the data management sector. The DMP has gained a good reputation over time since it works together with Hadoop and legacy systems, which are the two biggest open framework databases.
Notably, it is an expensive solution to employ in a company but it gives value for every coin spent. Hence, it is suitable for big organizations that want to manipulate customer and competitor data before making useful reports.

Adobe Audience Manager

This is another popular and powerful DMP that is available in the Adobe Experience Cloud suite. It is suitable for big businesses and organizations that are data-oriented. The management and managers can ingest consumer and audience data from multiple reliable external or internal databases. Thereafter, they can help in the manipulation and making of either manual or automated reports as they wish.

According to data scientists, by utilizing Adobe Audience Manager, either the online or offline version, companies can remain confident in their operations. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to match a specific ID with data consistently. This is certainly a DMP to consider in your organization.

Lotame DMP

Lotame is a very powerful DMP that is trusted all over the world. Users get to enjoy data information from sources such as websites, social media platforms, emails, and other software or apps. It boasts fully automated tools to perform various data manipulation processes, although users can opt for manual tools if they want to have customized control of the data management.

The main users of Lotame DMP are publishers, professional data agencies, and sales and marketing teams. This platform unifies and manages customer and audience data. Hence, any company or organization can utilize it.

Tropare Studio

This marketing data management platform has many closed-loop solutions for sales and marketing teams in your organization. It is full of possibilities to drive actions in any business, especially the SME. The Tropare studio has a dashboard that summarizes data reports about your customers to get an overall picture of the market segment and other sales and marketing functions.

Other solutions include data ingestion to access numerous databases and manipulate data to your advantage and data blender, which is purely reserved for data manipulation to your advantage. If you visit the Tropare website, you will get to learn more about the other data solutions they have.

Google Audience 360

With the Google Audience 360 tool, any business can execute various data management functions across many channels. We all know that Google has a reputation for doing research and delivering the best capabilities to its clients affordably.

Users of this data management platform are sales and marketing teams with the intention of understanding their customer segments and keeping in touch with them appropriately. When the platform is integrated with Analytics 360, marketers can make use of social media and video streaming data to get more customer insights. Fortunately, it is highly affordable for SMEs as well as business giants.

Oracle DMP

The evolution of Oracle DMP has always factored in the needs of its users, which is a marketing organization with the need to access audience data and manipulate it in the best way possible. Its main goal is to give sales and marketing teams online and offline capabilities to make actionable results from data.

The Oracle data management platform also has access to numerous reliable databases since it is one of the top data solutions in the world. The cost of installing this solution is relatively high and your business should be prepared for this.

Salesforce Audience Studio

Although it is not as popular as Oracle DMP or Lotame DMP, this platform has rich tools to perform data collection, analysis, and reporting. If your sales and marketing teams want to do market segmentation and data-driven audience selection, this data management platform will handle it appropriately.

It is best known for the capability of data quality and privacy assurance during use. This DMP has also collaborated with many third-party tools and databases to cast nets wide for reliable data and powerful data management solutions.

Relay42 DMP

What makes this data management platform unique and reliable is the fact that it has reinvented data management by integrating artificial intelligence. This goes deep into allowing users, mostly sales and marketing teams, to access and manipulate data from internal and external sources.

Other capabilities and solutions available in this platform include customer identity management and data protection. These special features are not in many standard DMPs. This makes it costly and, hence more suitable for large organizations.

Cloudera DMP

Just like Relay24, this platform has integrated AI capabilities, which make it possible to automate data manipulation and reporting. You always have a view of the dashboard. Marketing teams can also be assured of high data scalability and quality analytics.
Some of the options for this DMP include client configuration management and cluster management which helps in the understanding of the consumer segment and audience very well.


If your business is just starting, this is the most appropriate data management platform to opt for due to its affordability. Even though it is recommended for startups, this German-based DMP has collaborated with many data sources and other integration capabilities. Therefore, you can trust it with your sales and marketing.

It has a rich dashboard to keep an eye on crucial data-related reports within your company. The integrated third-party data management capabilities keep on improving by the day, making it worth checking out this DMP.


Whether you are running a small or big business, investing in a data management platform is essential these days. We live in an era of big data, and making good use of it for marketing, customer focus, and product differentiation gives your organization an edge for growth.

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