Top 8 Mobile Website Builder Tools – 2019


Do you know that mobile traffic in 2016 has beaten desktop traffic on the Internet? For 3 years, it has been seen that users are accessing the internet from mobile phones than from desktop or laptop. From here, we can draw an idea about the impeccable growth of mobile internet.

The below figure shows the statistics of the Desktop and mobile traffic from 2016 to 2018. A percentage of visits are shown that come from mobile devices. The desktop traffic is reducing for a decade and the mobile internet is growing continuously. It has been estimated that by the end of 2019, 79% of web traffic would be accounted for mobile. This only means that the users these days are looking for a better and more comfortable experience to access their needs on the mobile.

Mobile vs Desktop Traffic

Image Source: stonetemple

Google has made us realize that the website’s visibility mostly now relies on mobile versions. By understanding the user’s interest, the business persons are now making mobile-friendly websites for their growth. But, as it is tough to develop two websites or to develop one responsive website from a start. From here, the concept of mobile website builders tools come into existence. With these tools, you can will not only please the customers but it will also improve your business margins.

Aim of Mobile Website Builder Tools

Mobile website builder tools have an aim to boost up the development process by developing outstanding websites with a professional look. Additionally, the professional designers and developers can access the websites and finish the custom coding with these tools. The experienced designers and developers are using these tools to accelerate the design process. A summary is provided below in a tabular form to make the concept clear in a single go.

Builder tools Price  Suitable for Small enterprise Suitable for e-commerce Suitable for developer/ agencies
GoDaddy $5.99-$29.99 Yes Yes Yes
Squarespace $12-$40 Yes Yes No
Shopify $9-$299 Yes Yes Yes
Wix $11-$500 Yes No Yes
Weebly $0-$358 Yes No No
Jimdo $0-$39 Yes No No
WordPress $4-$20 Yes Yes Yes
Duda $14-$74 No  No Yes

So, now as you have a brief idea about the mobile website builder tools. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

Table of Content

  • Aim of mobile website builder tools
  • Best  mobile website builder tools
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Jimdo
  • WordPress
  • Duda
  • Wrapping Up

Best Mobile Website Builder Tools


GoDaddy is the website builder tool that is dependent on Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) approach. Being a website owner, you will guide the website builder the type of business you are representing, the expectations you have, the information and the features you have to let them do the magic to make the website look wonderful.
It might take some time to complete but it’s worth the wait. After the website completion, you can manage some of the pages manually. GoDaddy has been used by almost 18 million websites and gives the one month trial period.

Pricing offers

  • Its package starts from $5.99 per month with website hosting and mobile design
  • $9.99 for adding SEO optimization and Paypal button
  • $14.99 is for e-mail marketing, social media integration, sharing content on Facebook
  • $29.99 for an online store for taking Apple pay, credit cards with other payment gateways including shipping and taxation configuration, promos, discounts, and reviews.


Squarespace has gained the spotlight from some years with its remarkable templates. If you want to use large, high-resolution graphics on your website then square space is the best option to go with. It has expanded itself and is now fitted in e-commerce websites for offering the best payment processing and shopping cart modules. It gives reasonable pricing with the best hosting.

Pricing offers

  • $12 for a personal website
  • $18 for business website
  • $ 26 for basic online website
  • $ 40 for advanced online store


Shopify is all-in-one solution for building an online store. It is one of the best mobile website builder tools constructing e-commerce stores. Shopify offers great themes with its simple and best approach that makes it a popular tool for launching online stores. With Shopify, you can link different social media platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram for selling your products. It has a free trial with the hosting of all plans.

Pricing offers

  • $ 9 per month for Shopify lite
  • $ 29 per month for basic shopify
  • $ 79 per month for Shopify
  • $ 299 per month for Advanced Shopify
  • $ 2000 per month for Shopify plus


Wix has TV advertisements and a focussed interface that makes it the prominent website builder tool. It gives the best drag and drops editors that add quality to the websites. It regularly updates itself that makes it free from any hacks and bugs. With its best designs, settings, and integrations offered, the pricing does not matter.

It is known for its professionalism, speed and plenty of options, Wix is the best tool to initiate some experience.

Pricing offers

It offers plans for regular and e-commerce websites. These plans came with free hosting, Google analytics and custom domain support.

  • $ 11 per month for combo websites
  • $ 14 per month for unlimited websites
  • $ 19 per month for pro website
  • $ 29 per month for VIP website
  • $ 20 per month for e-commerce (Business basic)
  • $ 25 per month for e-commerce (Business unlimited)
  • $ 35 per month for e-commerce (Business VIP)
  • $ 500 per month for enterprise


It is somehow similar to Wix, the only difference is that it has low prices and fewer features. It is regularly growing and has empowered 40 million websites. It has simple and authentic themes for some enterprises with fewer complications. It is flexible and gives drag and drop builder.

Pricing offers

It does not provide a free trial as the free plans provide a decent outline for websites.

  • $ 0 for the free plan
  • $ 5 per month to connect
  • $ 12 per month for Pro
  • $ 12 per month for e-commerce support (Pro online store)
  • $ 25 per month for e-commerce support (Business)
  • $ 38 per month for e-commerce support (Business plus)


To boost the speed of the production process, Jimdo uses Artifical Intelligence (AI). It has three different products such as a website builder, an online store creator, and a domain personalization tool. Jimdo also provides a guide to make the best designs with artificial intelligence.

Pricing offers

Jimdo provides free plans but does not provide trails

  • $ 0 to play
  • $ 9 per month to start
  • $ 15 per month to grow
  • $ 19 per month for e-commerce
  • $ 39 per month for unlimited offers


No doubt! It is the best website builder in the market. Its aim lies in making development easier and faster for professionals. It empowers the 1/3rd part of internet websites. It came up with some prominent tools for conversions and lead generations. You can also enjoy the WordPress CMS development services that will also help for building mobile websites.

It gives unlimited design freedom and anything that can be done with WordPress. With this tool, you can upgrade the website created previously.

Pricing offers

WordPress is free but the plans for themes and hosting should not be missed. Its gives 30 basic widgets and free download offers functions, like drag and drop.

  • $ 49 per year at personal front
  • $ 99 per year for business purpose
  • $ 199 per year for unlimited plans


It is particular for publishers, hosting companies and the agencies to gain access for affordable and scalable platforms. Duda allows you to pay per website, or you can use a more team-based plan with several websites. Multilingual websites can also be developed with the Duda tool.

Pricing offers

  • $ 14 per month as basic
  • $ 22 per month for a team-based plan
  • $ 74 per month for agency

Wrapping Up

Now you have gone through top mobile website builder tools, so, just enjoy the experience by adopting the one suitable as per your requirements. The tools have been discussed with their incredible features and functions. Hopefully, we have come across your mind to choose the best mobile website builder tool. Let us know about your questions in the comment section below.


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