Top 7 Simulation Games for Android


Simulation games are designed by thinking about real-world activities. Find the list of the Best Simulation Games for Android. In 2008, people used to play Car Simulation games and plane Simulation games. But nowadays, most simulation games are created about fighting. Which are crossing downloads than any other games! Some games are about the Company and don’t know why I felt so funny when I used to play those games such as chrome dinosaur, spend bill gates’. But they are so lovely to play. I learned something that I never could learn without joining a company, but that game gave me the chance to learn about companies. A few shooting games I played and below I’m going to show you the Best Simulation Games for Android of 2018.

List of the Best Simulation Games for Android of 2018

Here we are going to tell you about games for Android of 2018.

This War of Mine:

This War of Mine is the first simulation game that most people love to play. The game was only for Steam to play but after that, the company released Android and Apple both versions so people could enjoy the game. The game is one kind of survival type of game also. This Is a War game, but you won’t get any gun to shoot enemies. You have to survive at the last point.

Don’t Starve:

The game is a survival game that is filled with Science and Magic. In this survival game, you take on the role of a scientific genius Wilson. If you play this game you’ll wake up in an unknown location or dark world. The scientist was trapped by a demon and transported there. In that world, it has no help, no guides, no suggestions, no instruction, etc. and people will lose some interest if I say more so now I’m quiet.

Mobius Final Fantasy:

The game became so famous in only two weeks. 2 Million people downloaded the game in two weeks to play. In 2015, the game was the best game on Apple’s phone in Japan. And some reason is available for it. The simulation game is so easy to play on a touchscreen. A player can attack by just touching the enemy’s body which is too easy to play and more interesting. When the player levels up he can get some particular seed to grow upper position.

The Sims FreePlay:

In The Sims FreePlay, players “build” and style homes and customize and make (most of 34) virtual folks known as Sims. Players will manage their Sims to satisfy their desires, and allow them to complete entirely different varieties achieve loot, mode Points, and Social Points. Sims have some extent of autonomy. Players will progress through fifty-five levels to unlock content Families of Sims will have kids, provided there’s one adult; there’s a limit on the number of allowable couples, However, if the player buys things from the net store, they become a high-up which will enable them to extend the quantity of Sims they will have in their city.

Farming Simulator 18:

Farming Machine Eighteen may be a 3D analog amusement casual game. Be the happiest farmer in the game! Become a contemporary farmer in Farming Machine 18! Immerse yourself in a Brobdingnagian open world.

Farm Frenzy:

Farm Frenzy is one of the Best Simulation Games for Android and to play Farm Frenzy game, there is no need for your Android phone to be highly branded and have to highly features! I used to play the game on the Nokia C1-01, and then I got an Android, and I played on my first Android phone. The game is to increase the money and grow the business of a farm. At the beginning of the game, you will get some chicken, and you have grown and had to collect eggs of chickens, and you have to make cakes and so many more things. But it’s not easy because the bear eats chickens, cows, etc. So that’s why you have to be careful to grow your farming business and have to complete every task to go next mission.

Fallout Shelter:

Fallout Shelter may be a free-to-play simulation computer game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, and it puts you on top of things of a progressive underground Vault from Vault-Tec. Build the right Vault. Players’ area units are generally rewarded with lunchboxes that contain rewards, like things or resources, which might be purchased individually through excitement.

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