Top 10 Money Making Android Apps


‘Cheap and Crafty ways of making money, almost all of us have fallen for them only to end up kicking and cursing ourselves for our childish decision-making. However, what if I tell you that you can consume in such unrefined ventures and come off with good money. You too can make money with Android apps​ and believe me, if you follow the advised pathways, by the end of the day you’ll be a prototype of the self-made and self-employed. And yes I’m being expressive. Who won’t I be! You’re making money​ from Android apps​ by lazing around and gazing at your ceiling fan.

Best Apps to Make Money with Android Phones

1. PAYMENT​ – Money-Making App that Pays You​

One of the few legit money-making apps​ out there, Playment is the brainchild of three bright Indian minds. The purpose of the Android app is to perform data labeling for Artificial Intelligence. The facet of this app you should be concerned with is that the framework of Playment breaks down large, complicated tasks into smaller-scale micro-tasks that are levied upon you to carry out.

Annotators can swipe through storehouses of existing tasks and complete them in return for points. The earned points can in turn be traded for vouchers on online e-commerce websites such as Paytm, Amazon India, and Flipkart. You’re even awarded points just for joining.

2. PERK APP​ – Make Money from the Phone​ ​by Binge-Watching Videos

The crux of Perk is quite similar to Playment. You use the app, complete the assigned task and the app pays you. However, one prime advantage that Perk has over Playment is that it also functions as an effortless platform.

You can watch videos, play games, and scour the websites for the most obscure stuff and the app will offer you rewards and gift cards. These gift cards can be cashed in on a number of easily accessible platforms such as Walmart and PayPal.

One of the salient features of the Perk app is Perk tv that entertains the sloth in you by rewarding you for watching all sorts of videos on the app. Talk about stealing a living.

3. COINTIPLY​ – One of the Best Apps to Make Money Fast​

Quite like Playment, Cointiply is a task-based commercial approach to making money​ from Android apps. But instead of points, Cointiply rewards you in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

File surveys, view sponsored advertisements, and install apps and you’ll be rewarded with abstract suitcases full of Bitcoins. A fraction of a Bitcoin, Satoshi is given to you for every micro-task you accomplish and you can get it converted into hard cash via websites such as WazirX (exclusively for India), CoinBase, and Binance.

4. SWAGBUCKS​ – A Noble Way to Make Money from a Phone​

Swagbucks was launched in 2006 as a loyalty-based network that rewards its users for performing searches, carrying out census and surveys, and answering questions. A share of the reward is rerouted to charity organizations and social causes.

The points earned on Swagbucks can be redeemed on some of the obvious support systems such as Walmart, Amazon, PayPal, and Target. SB also allows celebrities, brands, and sports teams to engage with their followers through branded rewards programs that offer “swag” merchandise.

5. GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS​ – A Money-Making Android App​

Install the app and sign in. Once you are done with the formalities, Google will start throwing almost thirty surveys at you on a weekly basis expecting you to provide opinions and reviews. Your carefully-weighed words will be forwarded to the respective company as feedback and you’ll be considered for a healthy indemnity. The amount of credit may vary, going as high as a couple dollars. The reward system is drilled and planned to only cater to your slender needs.

6. MOOCASH​ – The Way of Making Money from Android Apps​

Want to hear something ludicrous, MooCash mobile app pays you for making use of their Screen Locker. You swipe left on your phone or tablet and claim a reward.

The free screen locker rewards can be converted into currency through PayPal or Google Reward Card. In case you are hungry for more and want some attractive offers, download the promoted apps or watch recommended short videos. One can also earn Google Play and iTunes gift cards, the MooCash app allows room for all of that.

7. PACT​ – Casino where Health is Literally Wealth

The Pact is perhaps the justest app on this list. I’ll tell you why. After judging your fitness levels, you choose a set of tasks on Pact that you’ll perform for a reward. In the unfortunate event of your indolence overriding your intent, you’ll be paying back the app a certain amount that will be fairly funneled to other users who are fulfilling their tasks.

Use Pact, earn cash, and say goodbye to your pot belly fat. However, if you’re a ‘dyed in the wool’ sloth, steer clear of this app because Pact can prove to be as demanding as your girlfriend if not more.

No one claimed that Money Making Android Apps​ ​ are always easy to use.

8. SWEATCOIN​ – A Real Money-Making App​

Like Pact, Sweat Coin is another one of those money-making Android apps​ that are not recommended to the faint-hearted.

Download the app and keep it active in the background when you’re running. It’ll keep monitoring your steps and reward you with 0.95 Sweat coins for every 1000 steps. The coins cannot be dematerialized. However, you can reap rewards by buying goods and by using certain promoted services. Featured athletic wear, audiobooks, and headphones can be bought from the earned Sweat coins.

A number of partners have collaborated with Sweat Coin. Most of them are unsurprisingly associated with Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle.

9. ACORNS​ – The App that Pays you​ ​for Investing Money

The idea behind Acorns is rather simple. All you do is install the app, create a savings account, and deposit a sum of money. Acorns serve to round off your balance. Suppose you stored ₹5.73 in your Acorns account. The app will generate and put in ₹0.27 from its side and round off your balance to ₹6.

This app is advisable for those who want to invest money but don’t have huge sums in store. The Acorns app recommends certain portfolios that are compatible with the size of the amount in your Acorns account.

10. CLICK SNAPS AND EARN MONEY​ – Money-Making Apps​ ​for the Conceited and Greedy

Apps like Scoop Shot​ and Foap​ will pay you money for posting pictures on your respective accounts.

The pictures you clicked at some event and posted on Scoop Shot are picked up by media journalists and websites and they pay you accordingly.

Foap splits the profit. You maintain a library of photos and videos on your Foap account that gets picked up by journalists and news outlets who’ll pay you the amount they find genuine. You need an active PayPal account to benefit from this app.

There are more than 3 million active users on Foap at present. The average transaction period on both the above-mentioned apps is 3 to 5 days.


These were 10 of the ‘Most often recommended’ ways of making money​ from Android Apps​ but there are tons of other schemes out there that you can choose and benefit from in this day and age of online advertising and commerce.

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