Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Oman


We are increasingly faced with the problem of employment. This problem is very common in Oman. Nowadays, people have become very picky when it comes to employment.

They want to find a job that is easy, well-paid, and special at the same time. There are a huge number of all kinds of professions in the world.

From the simplest, such as an accountant or a salesman, to the rare and unusual, such as an inventor or an astronaut. Each is important in its own way. In this article, we will consider the top 10 job posting sites that will help you find a job in Oman.

10) Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is opening our ranking. The site is quite handy. With all the necessary information about jobs and companies that you need to know before you get a job. The site is free, which is a huge plus.

However, if you want to choose and look at a wide range of jobs, you will not be able to, despite all of the above advantages, this site is not very popular, which leads to a small selection of jobs.

9) Wisdom Jobs Gulf

A site with a very convenient search engine. Which specializes in finding jobs for people in the Middle East, including Oman.

Immediately at the entrance ask about your skills and what you are good at, which further allows you to narrow down the scope of work thereby discarding jobs that are not interesting to you.

The site has a paid version, which gives certain privileges. Also one of the disadvantages of this site is that employers don`t readily respond to messages, and sometimes even ignore them.

8) GulfTalent

On the 8th line of our rating is the site GulfTalent. Judging by the feedback from users, the resource still has a lot of work to do.

Most applicants constantly complain about the typical spam in the form of advertising, installing third-party applications in the browser, and other “convenient” chips, which, incidentally, it is very difficult to get rid of.

Otherwise – it is a fairly average resource for finding jobs and workers. Both paid and free versions are available. The site periodically features news about the labor market, all sorts of tests, and career advice.

It is also worth noting that a separate part of the site is dedicated to students, where you can find something with a decent perspective, flexible hours, and work experience.

7) LinkedIn

A distinctive feature of the resource is the presence of additional and convenient applications for gadgets that track new ads, so you will always be aware of the latest and relevant employment news.

The portal offers a fast and qualified search for both jobs and staff around the clock. It is worth noting that the resource sets and observes quite strict rules for submitting resumes and publishing vacancies, significantly reducing the ads of dubious content, any repetitions, and other spam: a strict automatic filter, coupled with manual moderation.

However, the disadvantage of this site is the lack of a free version. This is a paradox: to find a good job and earn money, you have to pay.

6) Naukrigulf

Let’s start with the fact that not all people who are looking for work will like it – it`s the lack of a free version of the site, but it’s worth it.

The site has a fairly convenient and relatively quick search for the right jobs. The list of ads is updated daily, as is the employment news feed, along with staffing analytics.

All advertisements are strictly moderated in manual mode, so the resource is in great demand among employers and job seekers. The feedback is mostly positive, but sometimes they complain about ads that pop up from time to time.

5) Tanqeeb Oman

The resource is one of the most popular job search portals. The main features of the site are simple registration with the addition of a step-by-step resume.

There is an internal mail and a dialog box for quick solutions to arising questions. Also worth noting is the exact geographic base with a broad and detailed industry group.

There is a subscription to vacancies, feedback, and a lot of articles along with the latest news in the field of human resources. The site is both paid and free, so it’s suitable for all groups of people looking for work.

4) Bayt

A multidisciplinary site with a huge number of jobs. Here you can find a job for every taste. You can also find numerous and useful tips on the rules of interviewing and many interesting articles on career development and labor law.

Just as in previous cases, all ads are strictly moderated in automatic and manual mode, so active spam and “false” vacancies are excluded. Users are very flattering about the resource but sometimes complain about the complex and not quite intuitive interface.


A professional recruiting platform specializing in vacancies in the Arab Emirates and not only. This site is perfect for professionals of all categories.

Available in dozens of countries. You can sort jobs by location and salary. Best of all, the site is free, which is a rarity for a site of this quality. You can apply and fill your job openings on the site and you will soon find exactly what you need.

2) LinkedIn

A social networking site for people from all over the world, from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds.

First of all, this site is good for people who want to build a career and are serious about it. It’s updated very often and the most important thing is that it’s verified, without any spam or fraud.

You can use this platform not only for job hunting but also for finding any contacts, connections, and good acquaintances that might be useful in the future. Also, this site is ideal for those who are already working in any industry, have some background, and are ready to evolve.

The site is free. First of all this platform is aimed not at quantity but at quality, so don’t expect that here you will have a huge choice of jobs. All in all, the site is rightfully ranked second in our rating.

1) Indeed

This site is one of the most important resources not only for finding jobs in Oman but all over the world.

Here you can find a job in any industry and you will definitely be satisfied. Here you can find earnings for professionals, managers, handymen, and students.

In addition, the site has an auto-assistant for writing a competent resume. And the most amazing thing is that the site is completely free.

This platform has a good and effective system of bans to combat fraud and spam, allowing people to feel safe.

In general, the site has almost no disadvantages, except for the obsessive online consultants.

Reviews about the portal are mostly positive, and especially warm about its respond employers, which provides a wide range of opportunities to find the right candidate.

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