Top 10 Customer Feedback Tools That You Can’t Miss in 2024


You can use customer feedback tools to thoroughly grasp client sentiment and identify their needs, wants, and problem areas. The customer feedback software is necessary to convert consumer comments into useful insights. By offering a direct conduit for gathering, analyzing, and utilizing client input to drive improvements and cultivate long-term customer loyalty, these digital friends play a crucial role in closing the gap between your company and your customers.

A report executed by the State of Global Customer Service states that 77% of customers rate brands higher when businesses actively seek their input. In businesses of all sizes, feedback is essential.

The good news is that you can easily build a free survey for many client platforms using highly trustworthy and sophisticated survey solutions. For businesses to stay competitive and deliver the best possible customer experience, customer experience tools are crucial. You may obtain a thorough insight into the customer experience and take deliberate steps to improve it by using the best 360 feedback tools and gathering feedback at key points.

What are Customer Feedback Tools?

A customer feedback system aids organizations in managing and analyzing their customer interactions. It offers information about consumer attitudes, behavior, and feedback that can be used to improve the shopping experience. Let’s say if you visited a restaurant and want to give your feedback you can submit to their website or restaurant loyalty software online.

These tools range from platforms for gathering feedback from clients and conducting surveys to more complex customer relationship management (CRM) software that lets companies monitor client interactions across many touchpoints and channels. The main objective of the customer feedback survey is to improve the customer journey, foster customer loyalty, and promote corporate expansion.

Additionally, customer feedback management solutions can assist businesses in providing a more customized customer experience, increasing client loyalty and boosting customer retention rates.

Companies may remain ahead of the competition, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately spur corporate growth by investing in customer feedback tools. In conclusion, a tool to collect customer feedback is beneficial for any business that seeks to provide excellent customer experiences and develop lasting client relationships.

What are the Benefits of Using Customer Feedback Software?

A business should use customer feedback tools to get important insights about their clients’ needs, tastes, and behavior. Using a customer feedback system, they can also track customer interactions across several channels, analyze customer feedback and sentiment, and spot trends and patterns that can help guide their business strategy.

  • Real-time first-hand customer feedback- With the aid of customer experience tools, you can accurately portray the needs and preferences of your customers by gathering their comments in real time. These tools offer great insights in an easy-to-consume manner, enabling you to search for specific scores and make data-driven decisions.
  • Normalized and systematized data format- Real-time notifications on critical feedback are provided by user feedback systems, which also provide alerts on positive feedback that could serve as the cornerstone of a success narrative and critical feedback from high-value and high-risk consumers.
  • Visualization of KPIs– The best user feedback systems include charts and dashboards that can be customized and predefined to assist in measuring customer satisfaction. You may monitor ratings and scores over time, evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, and tweak your services accordingly.
  • Gather Useful Insights- Customer feedback surveys make it simple to distribute feedback to prospects and customers without the need for outside software. The best 360 feedback tools for gathering user feedback enable you to regularly gather feedback and monitor crucial KPIs for customer success like NPS, CES, and CSAT.

What to Look for in a Customer Feedback Management Solution?

1. Gathering Feedback

There are several customer feedback solutions available on the market that try to upsell you on services you might not even require. The first thing you should look for when utilizing a feedback tool for your company is gathering input and execution. At all customer interactions, the application should enable you to get insightful feedback and collect customer feedback via NPS, CSAT, GCR, CES, or user comments.

2. Integration with Crucial Gateways

While a customer feedback tool is effective on its own, for the best outcomes, it should be used in conjunction with other CRM and marketing technologies. To make information sharing and integration easier, choose the top customer feedback tools that work well with your existing stacks, CRM, customer support, and help desk.

3. Cost

Pricing is always an important factor to consider. Spending thousands of dollars is pointless if your work is hampered and delayed by your tool performance. You can agree on a price range and then pick the customer feedback management solution of your choice for small to medium businesses. To meet your needs, you can opt for an all-in-one program (like Ruttl) for huge businesses with no boundaries.

How to Collect Customer Feedback with Top 10 Customer Experience Tools?

1. SmartSurvey

Everyone who needs to gather feedback on surveys at scale can choose SmartSurvey as their platform of choice. With SmartSurvey, you may build surveys using a variety of question kinds and survey templates. However, the NPS question is not available for the service’s free or most affordable subscriptions.

On more expensive services, you can completely personalize your theme and integrate images and videos as well. For higher plans, you can also use mobile, SMS, offline, and links on your website or in emails to distribute your surveys. You may keep track of your responses and analyze data using cross-tabulation, text analysis, and filtering in a real-time reporting dashboard.

Several extra features, like bilingual surveys, collaboration tools, and survey automation (although it primarily depends on integrations), are available with the enterprise plan.
Other specialized products offered by SmartSurvey include consumer panel services and a 360 Feedback platform for worker surveys. SmartSurvey isn’t purely focused on gathering client feedback. Because of this customer feedback management solution, the number of integrations and alternatives for automating client feedback has increased.

2. Zoho CRM

Even if it wasn’t for their CRM, you have probably heard of Zoho before. This IT giant provides a wide range of products, including a top-notch CRM with a wealth of features that are geared more toward the commercial market.

In addition to having a ton of fantastic sales tools, Zoho also enables you to design and personalize your complete client journey. Regardless of the channels you employ, you may alter your messaging based on the information in your CRM. In your emails, phone conversations, social media accounts, and even a self-service client site, you can use Zoho.

Zoho clearly outperforms Salesforce in terms of cost because it’s rather simple to understand what’s included in each of their subscriptions. Access to the fundamental CRM + customer support tool stack is included in their starting price of $14 per user per month. However, if you want to employ advanced customization and complex user portals, we recommend choosing the Enterprise package ($40/user/month).

3. Intercom

Intercom has long been regarded as one of the best customer experience tools for enhancing customer satisfaction. The majority of users will justify the high price, but they will also assert that Intercom is the only product that does the same task as well.

Intercom may help you communicate with your consumers about anything. Intercom offers everything from chatbots to live chat to in-product messaging and emails. Although there are other solutions that provide chatbots, Intercom builds a whole customer journey inside the program so you can customize your messaging and keep track of each individual customer.

Intercom’s website currently lacks any publicly accessible pricing information. However, when you sign up, be prepared to pay anywhere from $79 to $999 every month. Additionally, your monthly invoices grow in size the more connections you have and the longer you utilize them.

You will like our integration with Intercom if you use Survicate and Intercom simultaneously to execute surveys. You can email survey replies to Intercom contacts among other things.

4. Typeform

One of the market leaders for the best 360 feedback tools, Typeform is renowned for its excellent survey design options.

You can use the tool to make visually appealing, brand-consistent quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys. They can be analyzed in a straightforward reporting dashboard by sending them through a link, email, or website.

For more extensive data analysis and diverse dissemination possibilities, use one of the many integrations available. Along with surveys, Typeform also offers a video app for delayed face-to-face talks and a chatbot.

One of the best-known features of Typeform is its conversational customer feedback surveys, which feature just one query at a time and are completely branded. The same survey design options are offered by the majority of survey platforms, including Surivcate, therefore Typeform’s restricted analytics features might not be enough for commercial clients.

5. Zendesk

Zendesk offers a complete solution for customer communication and is another industry titan in the field of customer feedback tools. You may use it to create incredible chatbots as a first point of contact for your consumers and provide a way for them to get in touch with a customer service agent whenever things get complicated.

Zendesk takes a step further by enabling you to develop help centers and forums for your clients as a means to provide self-service. For a comprehensive omnichannel customer experience, including live chat, email, phone, and everything else in one app, it’s simpler to link your channels, just like Intercom.

Access to all of the most crucial Zendesk features is available for just $49 per agent each month. If you want benefits like SLAs (services level agreement) and multi-language assistance, upgrading to more expensive plans makes sense. One of the numerous advantages of this customer feedback system is that you can update your Zendesk tickets with updated survey data.

6. Hotjar

Popular client input and behavior analytics platform Hotjar provides a full range of capabilities to help you analyze how visitors engage with your website. On-site surveys, polls, and customized widgets that may be positioned at key touchpoints are just a few of its features for gathering customer feedback.

Heatmaps, session recordings, and conversion funnels are additional tools offered by Hotjar to help you see user behavior and spot potential development areas. Hotjar is a useful customer feedback management solution for website optimization based on user feedback because of its simple interface and strong analytics.

7. Qualtrics

As a leader in innovation, Qualtrics has earned a spot among the best customer experience tools for gathering consumer feedback. This strong platform succeeds in a variety of industries, from hotels to IT startups, and it weaves together a tapestry of insights that help you create a superior client experience.

Imagine running a busy boutique hotel where Qualtrics can assist you in getting feedback from every customer interaction, whether it be at the front desk, the spa, or the breakfast buffet. Then, by utilizing the predictive intelligence of the program, you can foresee future trends—for example, the rising demand for vegan alternatives on your menu—and promptly adapt to suit the changing requirements.

Qualtrics is more than a tool; it’s a forward-thinking partner that gives you the capacity to convert feedback into movement. Your boutique hotel will reach the peak of hospitality excellence when Qualtrics is by your side because you’re not just responding to customer preferences; you’re anticipating them.

8. Nicereply

A thorough customer feedback software called Nicereply enables companies to gauge customer happiness and collect feedback via numerous methods, including websites. You can design and personalize customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, and rating scales using Nicereply to gather useful data.

You may track patterns in consumer feedback and make data-driven decisions using the tool’s real-time analytics and reporting options. Nicereply is a flexible solution for organizations of all sizes because of its smooth connection with well-known help desk software.

9. SurveySparrow

A dynamic tool to collect customer feedback, SurveySparrow offers distinctive and engaging survey experiences. With its conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables you to interact more personally and informally with your target audience while gathering customer feedback.

You can design surveys that resemble casual discussions to make it simpler for respondents to offer insightful feedback.

With the help of this free survey tool for customers, you can create interesting, interactive questionnaires that gather insightful feedback. SurveySparrow offers the capabilities and resources necessary for you to collect feedback on your goods, services, or overall customer experience.

10. FullStory

Although Fullstory bills itself as a “Digital Experience Intelligence Platform,” it is actually a product that is quite similar to Hotjar and Mouseflow. Just let it operate on your website and gather whatever non-public information about your clients that it may have.

Fullstory prioritizes privacy more than its rivals when collecting data. Only the crucial data points may be gathered while adhering strictly to the GDPR and other applicable rules. In addition to providing heatmaps and live session recordings, it also gives remedies for any issues that may arise with your website. To find the correct information, you’ll need to conduct some research because pricing is not publicly available.

Enhance Customer Insights and Drive Business Success with the Best Customer Feedback Tools

Customer feedback is essential for businesses to understand their customers, enhance their goods or services, and spur growth in the quickly changing digital market. Leveraging the best 360 feedback tools is one useful application of a communications degree, if you’re wondering what you can accomplish with one.

You can acquire useful insights, make data-driven decisions, and improve the user experience on your website by leveraging the technologies mentioned above. This is especially important for people with a background in communications because they are skilled at understanding and successfully communicating client feedback.

Remember to pick a customer experience tool that fits your unique company requirements, has plenty of functionality, and works well with your current customer feedback systems. You may improve customer connections, increase customer happiness, and ultimately succeed in 2023 and beyond with the correct customer feedback.

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