What are the Tools to Use Facebook Ads?


If you are striving to achieve better results from your digital marketing efforts, you have to understand the value of Facebook marketing. Facebook advertising is so much more than your imaginations. You can get the best results from the Facebook ads. But, how will u measure up the results and manage multiple campaigns? The Internet offers many tools, which need to be highlighted for advanced level marketing strategies.

11 Gem Stones to Assist you in your Facebook Ads Campaign

1. Partner Categories:

This tool allows you to create Facebook ads more targeted and more relevant. This tool is linked with three data mining sites to provide you data about the buying history. It helps in an income base targeting.

2. Conversion Tracking:

Make your Facebook advertising accountable with the help of conversion tracking. You can monitor your return on investment and check the ad performance.

3. Power Editor:

Power editor is actually a power tool, when it comes to Facebook ads you cannot miss this out of your tools list. It is a browser plugin for free. It helps n creating desired ads to target desired audience. In short Power editor can help you in control your ads placement, bidding and also the targeting.

4. Lookalike Audiences:

Lookalike audience let you reach out to maximum audience similar to your custom audience. Submit your created sample and Facebook will search for the audience similar to your created one. This is far better than any other option for maximizing spectators.

5. Saved Audiences:

Saved audience tools help you in maintaining the record of audience based on gender, age, geography, connections, relationship, language, education, precise interest, etc. This in return will save your time for future Facebook ads creation.

6. Custom Audiences:

As I mentioned about custom audience in my previously explained point that it is helpful. So the question arise how to create a list of such accounts. Well this is the tool, which allows you to enter email addresses or even phone numbers of your previous customers or targeted audience. This list is basically your custom audience.

7. FBX:

This is also a very helpful tool for Facebook ads. It assists you in targeting in an enhanced way. You ads will no longer be irritating for anyone. This won’t let you reach out to those who are not interested in your product.

8. Conversion Specs:

I you want to adopt any specific type of engagement for your ad then this conversion specs will be the perfect option.

9. Dark Post:

If you are planning for split testing then doesn’t miss the Dark post tool. Post you one update in different styles with this tool. You can convert your Facebook page post into ads that can be posted in different relevant groups.

10. Domain Sponsored Stories:

Domain sponsored stories let you maximize your website traffic in a simplest way. Once you have linked with your site the clicks will gather visitors towards your domain.

11. Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Messenger chatbot allows you to send bulk as well as personalized messages to your subscribers. Create autoreply flows, generate leads and track the results of your Facebook messenger marketing campaign.


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