A Quick Guide on Tools for Remote Marketers


Today, more and more businesses are switching to WFH (work from home) mode, allowing employees to do their jobs remotely. This move is partially backed by the recent pandemic and largely because the employees are more prolific in remote jobs.

The answer to why remote employees are productive is quite evident; they have the flexibility to do their work whenever they want, which is a sheer dose of ease and comfort. Consequently, companies are creating a pool of teams that work remotely by telecommunicating.

If you are a marketer and are doing a remote job, you are lucky. All you need is an internet connection, which makes it really easy to get your work done; whether you want to publish a blog post, conduct online meetings, send emails, or wish to set up a workflow to nurture leads and prospects through CRM.

However, it goes without saying that you need enough broadband speed to ensure speedy and effective work. Therefore, you must invest in an internet option like Optimum. It offers excellent download speeds and if you are a Spanish customer, you get exclusive internet deals. Check them out by contacting Optimum servicio al cliente español.

Anyway, here is the thing, obstacles are somehow bound to arise in any case but if you are not equipped with the tools, they are difficult to manage remotely. This makes it inevitable to have all the necessary tools at your disposal to avoid jeopardizing your performance and efficiency.

Thankfully, we’re sharing some amazing tools to get for improving the level of your game as a remote marketer. Let’s check them out now:

1. Hootsuite

As a marketer, you are supposed to manage and operate social media pages. Social media marketing is the core of the business. It is essential to build a brand’s image, engage customers, and power business growth.

If you are supposed to manage social media tasks, then you need a tool like Hootsuite. It is a social media management platform that helps manage social media platforms from a single dashboard. Whether you want to do social publishing, scheduling, and community management, this tool allows you to do it all in a jiffy.

You can upload posts for multiple social media platforms and schedule them in advance. All of these features make it a top-notch social media management tool that can also notify you about engagement on your content.

2. CoSchedule

If you do any kind of content marketing job, then CoSchedule is one of the best tools you must have. This tool allows you to coordinate with multiple freelance contributors and work on content management tasks.

When you post through CoSchedule, you can sync it with the site’s WordPress. This allows you to assign authors, add headlines, and set up categories. On top of that, you can easily upload and schedule posts to go live on certain dates. Like Hootsuite, CoSchedule helps you set up a social sharing schedule.

3. Asana

As a marketer, you must have so much on your plate. In that case, there are chances you might skip or miss out on supplementary tasks. However, having a task and project management platform, like Asana, can help you manage and organize the work.

Recently, it has emerged as a top collaboration tool that offers unique features for users to schedule, manage, and assign tasks. It comes with an option to oversee the progress track the project flow and link it with data analytics platforms, e.g. BigQuery.

Overall, this project management tool is good for documenting the entire project, analyzing the workflow, and conducting surveys.

4. Skype

Well, at this point, you must have used Skype. From quick messaging to creating group chats, and hosting small virtual meetings, Skype is a go-to tool for remote employees. This tool allows you to add your team members to your contact list and send them a message, or start a voice or video call right away.

It is the reason why it is known as the most commonly used tool for communication and collaboration. Some of the highlights of the tool are that it works across all devices, offers interactivity with programs, and is super-easy to use.

5. SEMrush

For any marketer or SEO strategist, SEMrush is a great tool to have on your panel. It is helpful to identify highly targeted keywords and get insights to improve online traffic and conversions. On top of that, it offers a powerful and easy-to-understand interface to analyze a website, conduct competitive research, 3fins targeted keywords, and obtain all essential stats to plan and monitor SEO campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Remote jobs are fun and exciting; however, if you do not have the required tools then you may have to experience many shortcomings. That is why, if you are a marketer, you ought to be equipped with the basic tools mentioned in the article above. So, have you got them already?

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