Got Stuck? Implement These 5 Tips While Writing a Follow Up Email After Interview


Finally, after countless hours of preparing for the interview and practicing Q&A responses in front of the mirror, you’d think that you’re done with your bit

But is it really finished? No.

When you’re going through an interview process, it’s essential to keep up the conversation even after the job interview is over.

For each stage of the hiring process, even the awkward situations where the interviewer neglects to follow up with you, we’ll guide you to draft a follow-up email after the interview.

Basically, after a job interview, sending a follow-up email serves more than just being polite. It provides the candidates a chance to express their continued interest and passion for the position and keeps them in the hiring manager’s thoughts.

Why Should You Send a Follow-up Email?

It’s normal practice to send a follow-up email post an interview, and it can help your application in a number of ways.

One of the benefits of sending a follow-up email is that it allows you to emphasize the value you would bring to the organization and reiterate your interest in a position, that hiring managers really look for.

Additionally, it helps you make a good impression on the recruiting manager by expressing your respect and gratitude.

Tips To Write Interview Follow-Up Email

Use these tips to write a clear, simple follow-up email after an interview.

1. Give it a while for the dust to settle. Choose an appropriate time to send a follow-up email but better if you do the follow-up within 24 hours of the interview.

2. No matter how formal or informal your interview was, maintain a professional tone in your follow-up email. Make sure you understand the objective of your communication.

3. Be precise with the content of your follow-up email. Get straight to the topic and avoid wasting time and words on pointless small talk because it is assumed that all you want is an update on the hiring process.

4. Never send a deal breaker email; instead, send two to three emails in your sequence but don’t look desperate with your tone. Follow up professionally by engaging your interviewers in the content and asking them for a breakdown of the further steps in the interview process.

5. Take time to proofread before hitting the send button. You can use several free online proofreading tools like Grammarly to avoid spelling mistakes and other errors

Key Takeaways

Before you leave, here is a sum up of points covered in this guide to help draft an interview follow-up email.

  • Hiring managers are more likely to forget about you or assume that you’re not really interested in the position if you don’t send a follow-up email.
  • Within 24 hours of your interview, you should send a thank-you note and mention the specific position in a follow-up email.
  • The interviewer doesn’t want a play-by-play of the interview, so the follow-up email should be crisp and to the point.
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