Tips to Get Verified on Instagram in 2019


Did you see the tips to get verified on Instagram? The use of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes has become more common these days. Online marketing strategies are incomplete without the involvement of social media sites. The rate at which the number of users on Instagram is growing is just phenomenal. With over 1 billion active users every month, Instagram stands out as the most popular platform in the world of social media sites. We all know that the numbers of going to rise in the future as well. In such a scenario, it becomes essential to get your account verified on Instagram.

Why Getting Verified on Instagram is Considered so Important?

Creating an account on this social media site is extremely simple. You can choose whatever username you want. It means that brand impersonation is absolutely easy on this platform. If you do not want someone to impersonate your brand and fool your audience, you must get your account verified as soon as possible. Having a blue checkmark beside your profile name can add a lot of value to your Instagram account. Once you get your account verified, it will make your brand look more legit and authoritative.

But, how easy it is to get an account verified on Instagram? In 2019, what are the different tips and tricks one can try to get their account verified? Well, the process of verification is not easy for sure. With time, the process has become a lot stricter than before. This is why you need to hire the services of a social media marketing agency. They have experts who know the ABCs of Instagram verification. They know how to get the job done in the minimum time possible. So, let us help you out by offering some tips on how to get verified on Instagram in 2019.

Tip# 1: Make your Account Look Authentic

First of all, you have to give your account an authentic look and feel. It means that you must post only genuine and legitimate kinds of stuff on your Insta account. If you are an individual, your account should have an ample number of real images and a few short videos. Likewise, if your Insta account represents a registered business, it should have some credible pictures of your workplace, and also a few images of the products/services offered by your company.

Tip# 2: Make your Account Look Unique

As per Instagram, your account must showcase the uniqueness of your brand. No matter if your account represents an individual or a business; it must contain content pieces that are closely related to your brand. If you clog your Instagram account with memes and other such kinds of stuff, it will not look like a unique one. So, you must pick and post only the relevant pieces of content. This is the best way to render a unique look to your Instagram account, which in turn will make the process of verification quicker and easier.

Tip# 3: Make your Account Look Complete

Just like in any other social media platform, your Instagram account also needs to be public. It should contain all the necessary details, such as your photo, bio, and contact details. An account or profile that looks complete has a greater chance of getting verified by the verification department. The more you build your profile, the easier it gets to verify your account.

Tip# 4: Check and Ensure Notability

In simple words, notability is the quality or fact of being notable. If you are a famous person, or your brand is known by many, in that case, your identity will be considered notable. This is where you need to hire a content writing and marketing agency. You can get different types of content developed for your brand (Press Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, etc.). Once the internet has enough stuff to support your notability, the process of verification will get a lot easier. Hiring the best content writing agencies is essential here. They know how to work on your brand identity.

Tip# 5: Work on your Followers’ Base

The number of followers you have on your Instagram account has a direct impact on the verification process. An account with a high number of followers and an impressive amount of engagement earns that blue checkmark more easily. To make this happen, you can avail the services offered by social media marketing companies. They can come up with engaging and interesting content for your Instagram account. Posting relevant and unique content will bring in a higher number of users to your account. This is how you can earn more followers on Instagram.

So, those are the five main tips you can follow to get your Instagram account verified easily. No doubt, availing of professional services can make the whole thing a lot simpler and quicker too. Once your account gets verified, you will be able to use it more confidently.

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