6 Tips for Time Management for ADHD Adults


If you are suffering from ADHD, you find it very difficult to manage your time, and even the simplest tasks can feel like a chore. When that’s the case, it’s a good idea to take a step back and re-evaluate your approach towards managing your time. Here you have the things you need to keep in mind.

Create a buffer time

When you have a schedule, a good idea is to try and set your deadline 5 minutes before the actual deadline. The reason you want to do that is you get to have a buffer time that helps you re-organize and re-focus. A buffer time will make it easier to accomplish a task. Of course, you can also start working earlier to have that extra time as a buffer, in case you need more minutes to finalize your work.

Re-organize your workspace

An important aspect of time management is to always ensure that you don’t have a lot of clutter. The same thing can be said if you have any distractions. Removing those will eliminate issues, while streamlining the process and making things a lot easier. On top of that, a tidy space will help you focus even more, a thing that most ADHD patients struggle with.

Always build in breaks for your schedule

Your mind and your body need breaks, otherwise you will not function at the right levels. The best approach is to have some proper breaks and not rush into anything. Building in breaks can also give some time to exercise and ease your mind, something that’s extremely important.

Set up an organization system

The reason you want to do that is because it allows you to know exactly where everything is located. Simple things like that remove frustration, and they make it easier to optimize and organize your workflow.

Establish a routine

Having a routine is never a bad idea, because it helps you stay on track. It also makes it easier to not forget stuff. Forgetting is an issue that most people with ADHD have trouble with, and creating a proper routine can help circumvent that.

Try cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT helps train the brain so it can reframe the way you think. It also boosts the brain functions, and that can lead to less procrastination or a loss of attention. That certainly helps, and with its help you can always be certain everything works exactly as expected.

Using our guide will make it easier to narrow down what kind of time management tips work for you. The main focus is on implementing an adequate strategy that allows any ADHD patient to not lose focus, and it can help deliver an excellent result. With that in mind, it’s very important to work closely with a team of experts that can help provide an adequate treatment for ADHD. In doing so, you can address any of the preliminary issues and thus focus on success as you get past the ADHD symptoms!

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