The Impacts of Workforce Solutions


Finding reliable, skilled workers can be a challenge. Total workforce solution services offer businesses tools that help them locate candidates who can do the job and provide quality results.

Many organizations have traditionally managed their permanent and contingent hiring processes separately. However, well-managed total workforce solutions can lower talent acquisition costs by enabling an optimized composition of permanent and contingent resources.

Increased Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is more than happy hours and a foosball table (although those are nice). It’s an emotional commitment that employees feel toward their roles, their teams, and their organization. It motivates them to work hard and stay committed even when things get tough.

This emotional commitment results in higher productivity, better customer service, and a more successful business. Highly engaged businesses have 59% less turnover.

A total workforce solutions approach shifts how organizations think about talent acquisition by bringing permanent and contingent resources into one program. This enables them to respond more quickly and efficiently to workforce fluctuations by determining the type of worker needed for each role – an FTE, project-based independent contractor, or SOW provider.

Increased Productivity

A business’s productivity measures how much work a team produces in a period and is measured by multiplying output (sales revenue) by input (labor costs). This can include direct wages and overhead expenses such as utilities and supplies.

Productivity can also refer to a person’s ability to work efficiently and achieve goals. This can help employees feel more in control of their lives, enforce healthy work/life balances, and provide a strong foundation for business growth and success.

Workforce solutions Alexandria, VA organizations, has a proven record of improving worker productivity by connecting people to training that matches employer needs. This can include apprenticeships, other earn-and-learn programs, career advancement services, tuition advances, and internal company policies.

Enhanced Visibility

Workforce solutions providers offer a centralized view of talent, allowing organizations to quickly inventory skill sets for all types of resources. This allows them to match talent requirements with available skills more quickly and minimizes risks and costs associated with hiring, training, turnover, and compliance.

Heightened visibility also supports streamlined risk management and compliance audits. This empowers businesses to proactively address vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of costly cyber threats and incidents.

The public workforce system offers a variety of tools and services to help employers connect with qualified local workers, including screening and interview space, customized referrals, resume writing workshops, job readiness classes, and job search curriculum. This includes specialized workshops for high-demand industries and occupations like transportation and construction.

Reduced Costs

As business leaders place resiliency and agility at the forefront of their organizations, workforce solutions are evolving to meet these needs. Organizations can benefit from an improved hiring process and increased productivity by implementing total workforce solutions.

Implementing a total workforce solution requires effective communication and program planning. It is essential to create a centralized decision-making process that helps guide hiring managers on how best to fill permanent or contingent roles.

Using contractual workers that are sourced, hired, and managed via workforce solutions services can help reduce overall company costs. These programs can also provide short-term and long-term savings by reducing the need to resort to layoffs during periods of slow or decreased business profitability.

Increased Compliance

In addition to cost savings, centralized management of talent acquisition programs improves compliance and oversight across the organization. When a single talent partner manages permanent hiring, contingent workforce needs, and Statement of Work providers, there are fewer opportunities for miscommunication or error.

Health systems have a unique opportunity to leverage their resources and influence to help address local economic challenges. This is possible when they align their hiring and workforce power with community efforts. The impact can be transformative. The goal should be to ensure that the workforce’s skills match the needs of businesses.

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