5 Surefire Ways to Tackle Mobile App Abandonment


Do you know about mobile app abandonment and how to tackle it? For businesses, the race to get new customers every moment is such a race that’s never going to end.

This ends up creating some weird experiences for the marketers. And why not? These processes not only eat up all their time but also take a toll on the budget.

But it is a sad thing to say that a report from Forrester says that almost 70% of all the Chief Marketing Officers globally don’t take client retention as a top priority.

So, here all I feel like doing is asking a question to all of them residing in 70%. And the question is, why isn’t it a necessary thing to jump looking for newer buyers instead of retaining the consumers that businesses already have?

And if you are also a person who falls among them, then you need to think about a few things like,

  • On average, the conversion rate for newer buyers stands somewhere between 1-3% and in the cases of current customers, it jumps up to 60-70%. Try to understand the contrast.
  • Approximately 40% of the revenue of eCommerce stores comes from 8% of their current customers. so, just try to imagine what would happen if you nurture all your existing customers on a regular basis.

So, if you think my point is legit, let’s continue with how to tackle mobile app abandonment.

How to Tackle Mobile App Abandonment?

1. Send The Best Offers to The Loyal-most Users

One way of showing your loyal customers that you’re keen on them is by showering them with the best offers. 25-60 % of your trustworthy customers will end up buying from you.

All you need to do is, get in touch with them in the correct method, with the best offers. You may also offer them loyalty points whenever they make a purchase. And once it reaches a certain benchmark, the shoppers will be able to buy stuff from you just for “free”.

So, try sending special coupons to your loyal users on their special days like marriage anniversaries or on their birthdays.

You may even provide your loyal customers with special coupons, to buy from your website during the peak timings. A good number of thank you notes along with surprise gifts work really well in persuading buyers. Some eCommerce websites manage to put in writing written notes.

2. Communication Is the Key

You need to possess an honest method of causation across any communication while not appearing to be spammy, superficially. Push notifications facilitate speaking effectively because of their compact and temporary nature. They reach users on their devices, be it a desktop or a mobile, even if they are not currently on your website and mobile application. You’ll be able to subdivide users simply by creating it potential enough to channelize personalized notifications, within the user’s present time.

Emails, additionally, drive the overall retention cycle, with elaborated details regarding a purchase, an acquisition they need to create, group action details, etc. Some of them begin with an app push and gradually follow up with a follow-up email as a subtle reminder.
Ethane Web Technologies can be considered as an example of a marketing platform for mobile, that aids marketers in making a difference.

3. Spread Your Charm Through Social Media

Almost every individual is on social media sites nowadays; a valid reason for your and your brand’s social media presence. It’s a potential chance for you to shine together with your best customer support skills. Once a client is charmed with your product they’ll definitely write a review and share it on their social handles just for free claps.

For some social inspiration, Flipkart started with the hashtag #GiftABookWithFlipkart and asked customers to participate in their contests. They received overwhelming results and gradually it inflated Flipkart’s conversion rate.

Craft such content that will thrive over social media sites and persuade users to take part in them. Post you announce the champion, the client will surely come back to your website, with increased chances of a successful purchase.

4. Utilize Philanthropy

Every other person wishes to participate in charities these charities aid needy people and add to global goodness.

Nevertheless, several people don’t know the way, the proper place, or whom to approach.
So, as eCommerce brands began springing up with philanthropic campaigns, buyers saw this as a way to contribute while indulging in purchasing stuff for themselves.

5. Progressive Web Apps

Clients have been buying from you for some time, so, to befriend them, you need to stop asking them to go through the verification portal every time they visit your website.
With Web Sign-in API on smartphones, validating clients has become a lot easier than it used to be in the bygone days.

And, reasons are apparent.

The lesser you ask them to indulge in such things that they don’t wish to go through, the higher your chances of retaining them successfully.

My Opinion

By the time your users get to the payment page, irrespective of whether them being current customers or potential ones, try to lessen their hassles of making a successful purchase and try to make it easier for them to accomplish the transaction process.
Try to pull the process till entering the 3-digit CVV number and make your payment page interactive enough so that it fetches down the OTP that gets delivered to the customer’s smartphone and drives them directly to the accomplished stage. It will make them happy and will make things easier for you to make them come back for more. In other words, to retain them.


Making customer experience better will definitely help you in retaining them and making them come back to you for more, multiple times over a certain period.

And I hope this article how to tackle mobile app abandonment has helped you, successfully, in demonstrating the 5 best ways of retaining customers successfully. So, if it has accomplished its job, let me know in the comments.

But if you still have any unsolved queries left, just keep in mind that we are just a call away.

Ayushi Choudhary is a blogger working with Appzdevelopment. In her corporate life, she writes many blogs and articles on Android Development, IoS development, and many more.